Monday, March 18, 2013

To my fellow SLPs and any interested others...sometimes there is help for your child or student just around the corner! Today I enlisted the assistance of a parent helper at one of my schools.  I have a student who has multiple needs--in SLP talk--she has a severe lateral lisp and grammar issues.  We all know that schools are very short of money. Thankfully, we have parents who volunteer at our schools.  There is a parent in the classroom next door to my office (at one of my 3 schools) who is a registered nurse.  She is in training to become a teacher and is assisting in a classroom twice a week.  I asked her if she would be able to sit down with my student for five minutes both days she was here.  I explained our rules for confidentiality--being a nurse, she was very familiar with HIPAA, of course. She offered to work twice weekly with my student--what a great resource! So, while I would not ask just anyone to help out a speech student, sometimes you can find wonderful helpers by just inquiring!  Looking forward to seeing faster progress for my student!

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