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Those of us who work with young children are very tuned into various themes.  One of my all-time favorite themes that kids LOVE is dogs and puppies! Even a child who may be a little reluctant to talk will talk about animals, especially dogs. I have several activities that are built around this theme. First, I would like to share a gem that I stumbled upon on  See the photo below...Where Is Puppy? This a basic lotto game with an audio CD and colorful photos on game boards. The speaker is clear and uses a slow (but not too slow) rate of speech when she describes which puppy the child is supposed to locate on their board. I always stop the recording after the speaker gives the instructions to wait for each child to determine if they have a match on their board. This activity is GREAT for working on basic prepositions, although kids who do not need this type of instruction enjoy it, too. Listening activities such as this one also promote good turn taking behavior for preschoolers, which helps them get ready for kindergarten. See the link below the photo to find this item on
Listening Lotto "Where is Puppy?"
See above for link.

Continuing with the dog and puppy theme, my youngest students really needed activities specifically designed for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. What better way to work on beginning sounds than to use dogs and puppies to help encourage participation and enthusiasm?! Below is my Playful Puppies packet-link is below the photo. In this packet, there are cards for working on the P, B and M sounds-in all positions of words (beginning, middle and end). Children this age often need help with basic concept words (similar to the listening activity above) so there are cards for the earliest developing prepositions. I also designed bingo boards with the clip art used for the cards. Additionally, there are cards that depict basic shapes and colors.  Those could be used for a matching or go-fish type game. Lastly, there is a game board which I use when working on articulation. The gameboard can be used as a reinforcer for any task.
For those of you who need a few more activities using this theme, I suggest Janelle Publications "Dudsberry" character sets. They are GREAT! Also found on the Janelle site are magnetic playsets entitled "Create-A-Scene." There are several themes, including "Pet Shop" which fits in nicely with the dog/puppy theme.
Here is a link to the Janelle Publications site:

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