Thursday, July 25, 2013

Data Collection - Made EASY !

Admittedly, this is NOT my fave topic, however it must be done. Collecting data is how we discover where our students/patients/clients are at the beginning of treatment.  It is how we measure their progress during treatment.  And finally, data tells us how they did at the end of treatment or perhaps when it is time to end treatment.

That said, there are many ways to collect data, which is easy to do when you have only one person you are seeing at a time.  Try having a group of 2, 3, 4 or more kids at once!  Yikes!! What do you do? How do you do this efficiently? What if your students are working on totally different sounds?  Can you even collect data for that many students and sounds at the same time? YES, you can. This method is MUCH better than the scraps of paper, random sticky notes, full-sized data sheets that you madly flip back and forth to....

Data Collection made easy:

This is a template for 2" by 2" sticky notes.  You print them out - 6 at a time. If you look closely, you can see that these were designed with your artic students in mind. At the top, you put the student's name, the date, the sound they are working on and the level of practice (W=word, P=phrase, S=sentence). Across the top of the form, you can score one sound in the three different positions (I=initial, M=medial, F=final). You track correct and incorrect responses and tally the results--all on ONE 2"x 2" sticky note!

Now, when you are preparing to take data, you can either peel off the sticky note from the template and use it elsewhere OR you can leave them on the template, which is often my choice.  This gives you a TON of flexibility--multiple sounds can be measured for multiple students.

When you have collected the data, you can then place the sticky note in the student's chart or file for easy reference when it is time to write up progress and you are done!!

I love this and am so glad I have found a way to collect data quickly and easily for multiple students and multiple sounds.

The packet featured also includes two other templates I use ALL THE TIME, so that is 3 templates for $1.00.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Pirate's Life for Me - Mini Book and companion activity packet!

Ahoy Mateys!
Arrre you ready for the pirate invasion? Well, ready or not, the pirates are here! My newest project is an original story book with a full set of receptive and expressive language activities to accompany it. You don't have to buy a book---because it is included!
The activities are:  1) Comprehension Questions, 2) Sequencing Cards (12 of them!), 3) Auditory Memory Treasure Hunt Game, 4) Vocabulary Picture Cards, 5) Vocabulary Definition Cards that match the picture cards, 5) I Spy (or should I say Aye Spy!) Look & Find activity, 6) Fun Facts about pirates (did you know there were lady pirates?), 7) Pirate Jokes & Riddles, 8) Pirate Prepositions, and lastly, 9) Pirate Grammar!

This is a HUGE packet of thematically related activities!  Everything coordinates with the story, so it will make sense to you and your students/clients!

It is on sale right now, so hurry over to my store.  You can also enter to win the giveaway below.  Don't forget to like my page on Facebook, because that is where I post new items first!  Also, follow me on TpT--click the button on the right side of this page.  It will take you directly to my store.

Have fun!


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