Saturday, August 24, 2013

Medical SLPs.....Here is a tool for those of you... who conduct MBSS (modified barium swallow studies). This idea came from another hospital, but was not used at our local acute care facility. I discussed using this with the folks in the dietary department. They really liked the idea. When I received an order for an MBS and the study has been scheduled, I fax (from home) the following completed form. The dietary staff put the test tray together and it is ready when I go down to pick it up! They LOVE the form.  I LOVE that the tray is ready exactly when I need it! The other benefit to using this form is that is gives them a way to track the use of food for the MBS studies. Once I take the tray into the radiology suite, all I have to do is mix up everything and we are ready to proceed.

You have my permission to copy this....however, if you post it on a blog (or Pinterest or anywhere else), please give a link back to my blog.

Happy testing!


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