Monday, September 2, 2013


September means many things, but if you are a
school-based speech-language pathologist it means you are VERY busy.  Here, we have completed three weeks of school already! 

S - SCORPION! This creepy arachnid stung me last night! 2 inches long. It was on the bed. No, I'm not kidding and yes, I am fine. BTW-I absolutely LOVE the German rock group The Scorpions!

E - Extra time ! I have a WONDERFUL SLPA this year for two whole days. I lost one day a year ago when I was asked to absorb a retiree's one day caseload--with NO extra time allowed! This made the last school year a nightmare. 

P - Planning! We all do a lot of planning. Planning time was non-existent last year, so it feels like a luxury to have some time to plan. 

T - Therapy! It's what we do! I'm busy organizing and making materials.  What's on the horizon? Halloween!  Check out my Spooky Speech Fun activities: 

Blog hop? I am hoping to get in on the next blog hop...hint, hint! 

Happy Fall!