Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time Savers = Sanity Savers!

What?  The basic concept: Paperwork that has to be signed is done IN PERSON.  It is NOT sent home--which was the way it has been done for years. Now, the parent must come in to sign. So far this year, it has worked beautifully. Yes, there will be exceptions, but this approach has saved my sanity.

Why?  Paperwork that is sent home usually does not come back. This creates more work if you hope to retrieve it.

How?  Here is my procedure:

1)                  Call the parent and make an appointment for them come in to sign the paperwork.  During that phone call, I also get a few prospective IEP meeting dates from the parent.

2)                Between that phone call and the time they come in, I talk to the teacher and principal and we agree on a meeting date/time that matches one of the dates given by the parent. Often, I do this via e-mail.

3)                When the parent comes in to sign forms, one of those forms is the meeting notice with the agreed upon day/date/time. 

Result: So we have the prior written notice, assessment plan and meeting notice ALL signed before I have even tested the child. The parent also receives copies of everything-on the spot. It is really quite simple, effective and efficient. 

Such a time saver!


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  1. Wow. We're still sending them home. Your parents have to sign the Prior Written Notice? Ours don't have to. Gosh, it's hard enough to get them to come in for the meeting, much less to sign consent to eval!