Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's in Your Cart ? Linky Party!

I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News!

So, this is really about...what is in MY cart!  Happy to share some thoughts about what I look for in a product.

1. Portability. Itinerant SLPs will understand this concern. I have 3 schools and work with ages PK through grade 12.  Yes--that is ages 3 through 18! 

2. Versatility. Can multiple goals be addressed with a product? Can it be used with multiple age groups? I keep those concepts in mind EVERY time I design a product.

3. Value. Value and versatility go together. 'Nuff said.

First---shameless plugs for my own products!

This is my newest book companion and it is FULL of activities for SLPs! The emphasis with this packet is both receptive and expressive language---but--expressive language is the true focus. Understanding and using multiple meaning words, irregular and regular past tense verbs and creating complex sentences are a few of the materials included.  Go check it out!

For upper elementary, middle school and YES even high school students, I have a comprehensive, holiday, themed language packet that is NOT cutsy, yet still fun!

This packet is comprehensive and everything in it is related to Christmas! In this packet, are enough tasks for your older students for several sessions! 

Lastly, my newest eBook!  This is for younger students....check it out!

I started writing my own books because I was concerned about possible copyright violations. This is a guaranteed way to avoid that since I am the author of the story! The file for the book is separate from the activity packet so the story can be used on an iPad or tablet.  This is a cute story about animals decorating a community tree. There are sequencing cards, wh-questions, yes/no questions, prepositions, story props and grammar activities.

Now, on to my recommendations:

My students LOVE this game! It meets ALL of my criteria, too.  It is portable---two mats and 2 deck of cards and you are on your way! It is versatile--can be used with ANY other card sets to target various sound, AND you can have students with multiple goals in the same group playing this game together while targeting different sounds.  That is HUGE in my book.  Value--at only $2.00 you simply can't go wrong!  Go check it out!

This packet also meets all of my criteria and there are action-oriented verbs included for each phrase listed. That will get your students up and moving while practicing their target sounds. This packet focuses on articulation in connected speech---which promotes generalization. I also like the idea that gross motor skills are involved which adds to the level of difficulty. 

This CCSS tool will help you get ready for the big change in standards. We have to align all IEP goals to standards, and Nicole has already done that for you with this product.  Go grab it! 

Have fun making your purchases!