Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree FREEBIE

I'm so happy to contribute this to the Speechie Freebies group! Here is something to help you during the crazy holidays!

Need it NOW? Here is a QUICK-PRINT, black-ink-only, ZERO-PREP worksheet perfect for this crazy, fun-filled week!

There is a full set of these worksheets (360 words!) available to make your work day a lot easier, effective and fun, too.

Store it on Google Drive – access anywhere! Perfect for the harried itinerant SLP!

Click below to head over to my TpT store to grab this goodie!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! God Jul!

Friday, November 28, 2014

What's in Your Cart Linky

Today I’m’ linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News as we get ready for the Big TpT Cyber Monday Sale! You can save up to 28% off for most purchases!
Here are some products I have made that are GREAT for the holiday season.

First, for the middle and high-school population I have Cool Christmas. Those of you who know my work already know you won’t be disappointed with the number of activities included in this packet. My favorites are Christmas Idioms/Phrases, Social Scenarios and Fun Facts. You might learn something from these yourself! Click below to go to my store and put this item in your cart!

The Village Tree is an ORIGINAL story that I wrote! With this packet you will get the story book AND the companion activity packet for a GREAT price!! The story targets basic concepts and social scenarios for young children. Click the picture and head over to my TpT store to put this in your cart!

Finally, I have A popular series that targets following complex directions. The latest installment will keep your students busy for a long time. It includes the winter holidays and the directions target temporal, directional, ordinal and conditional concepts as well as multiple modifiers. Click below to go to my store and add this popular item to your cart!

Now, on to my recommendations:

1) From Speech to the Core, I recommend her One Winter’s Day book companion. I proofread this item and it is great! Book companions are the perfect way to address the speech and language needs for groups. Click HERE to go to Lyndsey’s store and purchase this item!

2) From Speech Made Simple, I have her Winter Print and Go Packet currently in my cart. It looks great and is black-ink only, which tells me that there is minimal prep. Go HERE to put it in your cart!

3) From Pam Dahm, her Mitten Fold Out Story for Preschoolers looks absolutely fabulous. Anyone who uses “The Mitten” in speech therapy can use this to enhance comprehension and expression. Go HERE to grab this goodie!

Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5-Star Ideas for SLP's: Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type by Speech to the Core

One of the best ways to help students with language difficulties is to use book companions! Lyndsey Zurawski from Speech to the Core, has made an excellent companion packet for the popular book “Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that Type.” The book is written by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. You must purchase the book separately, but I would wager that 90% of all school libraries have this book available to borrow! It is a wonderful book for a variety ages with a fun focus on onomatopoeia. What’s onomatopoeia? A word whose sound imitates its meaning (e.g. “click” and “clack”).

Now, on to Lyndsey’s fabulous book companion.  It has many outstanding features and targets students in grades first through third. She lists specific links to the CCSS, which is a HUGE plus. Instructions are clear and concise. I really like that she has included actual pictures demonstrating how she uses anchor charts in a lesson. See below!

Next, she has included some great rubrics that are KID-FRIENDLY! These bright, colorful rubrics will help students understand what we are expecting them to do AND how they are performing.

Also included is a Tier 2 vocabulary list with worksheets that require the student to write a definition AND draw a picture illustrating the definition. There are assessment pages to measure a student’s vocabulary acquisition and comprehension of wh-questions. Makes taking data EASY! She also covers defining character traits (matching the descriptors to the character) as well as cause and effect relationships.

You will also find antonym and synonym cards that can be used to further improve vocabulary skills. In all, this is a fantastic book companion to Click, Clack, Moo that you will find useful for MANY of your students!

Click the log below for a link to Lynsdey's TpT store.

Looking for more 5-star ideas? Check out all of the sites listed below:


Speech Made Simple

The Speech Space

School Speech Therapy

The Speech Owl

Mrs. Jones Speech Room

The Pedi Speechie

Chit Chat and Small Talk

Have fun!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving FREEBIE !!

Here is a great little FREEBIE to get you through the last week before Thanksgiving! What is the best thing about it? Well, yes, it is FREE! What’s the next best thing about it? It is that it is black-ink ONLY!  That means you can print it out at school. Finally, there is NO PREP needed for this activity other than printing it out. Yay!

The game boards are generic. You can use them with any activity to keep your students interested and motivated.

Included are game markers for you to use--those will require a little prep. Print and cut them out. Use card stock for added durability. You can put a small binder clip at the bottom instead of gluing the ends together. Very QUICK and EASY! Use the markers to get in a little extra practice with pronouns….especially for those that I find to be most often in error: HE and SHE!

What else can you do with this activity? Send it home so they can play at home! Pair it with a practice activity and this will keep them busy while the family prepares for Thanksgiving. Best of all….they can color their very own game board!  Kids LOVE it! Click on the picture below to go grab this FREEBIE!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Last Frenzy

Facebook has changed the rules. After November 1st, we can no longer set up frenzies through them, so 22 of us are providing you with The Last Hurrah. This frenzy will be SWEET! You will receive 22 FREEBIES that are all theme-related. If you download every item, you will have a huge packet that coordinates. We have tackled almost every specific area related to our field of speech-language pathology. The frenzy starts TOMORROW at 6:00AM Pacific time and ends Monday at 7:00PM Pacific time.

How does a frenzy work? Well, you can start on ANY of the Facebook pages shown in the map below. Download the map and you will find the all of the pictures are clickable. Click on one-which will take you to that SLP's page. Find the tab that says "SLP Frenzy." Click on the tab. If you already "like" the page, you can download the freebie right away. Otherwise, you will be directed to "like" the page and then you will have access to the freebie.

Here is the map:

We hope you enjoy all of the freebies! Don't forget to leave each of us some feedback--it is MUCH appreciated!

Monday, October 20, 2014

S'peachy Feedback Linky Party!

It's time to pick a WINNER in the S'Peachy Feedback Linky Party!

Tonight I'm linking up with Nicole over at Allison's Speech Peeps for “S…Peachy” Feedback! This is a monthly linky where TPT sellers reward customers who leave insightful, helpful and encouraging feedback on products bought from their TPT stores. 

Kateslp is my winner for this month! She raved about my Cycles for FCD packet! 

Kateslp: Please email me at for your choice of an item from my store (no bundles). 

Check back next month to see if you are a winner....keep leaving that GREAT feedback!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Speechie Freebies Link Up!

Once again, it is time for Speechie Freebies and I have a goody for you! This simple one-page download will have your pirate-loving kiddos jumping for joy...or at least having fun while they practice their TH sounds.

Here is a game board I created to make practicing those TH sounds more fun. See below. It is just one page, so not a lot of ink is used. Just print it out. I would suggest you laminate it for durability.

Use game pieces from one of your board games (I KNOW you have many), and you are ready to play!

And you know, matey, Talk-Like-A-Pirate day is COMING----September 19th!!

Now, go to the Speechie FreeBEES page to get the rest of the freebies my colleagues have made for you!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Articulation in Conversation FREEBIE!!!

Does an idea ever just come to you in a flash? Sometimes that happens to me. This is one of THOSE!

We ALL must take data and we ALL have students working on sounds at the conversational level…or at least I hope you have students at the conversational level! Since there are no tests out there for conversational speech, we are often stuck transcribing, tallying, etc. I’ve come up with a way to simplify the tallying process AND give you hard data that you can use in your progress reports. I've titled my brainstorm: Articulation in Conversation.

The concept is simple: You decide what sound you are going to focus on, print out my freebie form and have your student ready to chat! There is a blank at the top to note the start and end times, which of course, is optional, but many of us write goals for a specific number of minutes at the conversational level (e.g. "Johnny will correctly produce /r/ in all positions of words with 80% accuracy, during 3 minutes of spontaneous conversational speech").

Let's look at a specific example-say you want to chart progress for the R sound. Notice the columns on the form and you will see that you are going to write ALL R words CORRECTLY produced on the left hand side and ALL R words INCORRECTLY produced on the right side. This means you are ONLY writing words that contain the /r/ phoneme. You do NOT have to write any other words!

Once the conversation is finished, note the end time at the top of the form. Tally the columns and add those together for a total. 

Then simply divide the correct number of words by the overall total and you will get the percentage of accuracy. You can note that percentage and the total time in your progress report. I typically want to see the average over a number of sessions (at least 4-5 sessions). You will have more accurate measure of the accuracy level with more sessions.

Now, where is this FREEBIE?  Just click on the picture below and you will be taken to my TeachersPayTeachers store where you can download this forever FREEBIE! If you try the form and like it, please leave me some feedback on TpT!

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Final Frenzy?

A group of 18 SLPs began this over the summer, but postponed it due to the TpT sale--which happened earlier this year. We already had our fangates installed, so we are able to bring you one last frenzy---and it is all about one specific topic---The Frog Prince! All of the items you will receive are tied to the basic Frog Prince tale (available in many forms/formats) and a newer parody of the familiar titled "The Frog Prince-Continued," by Jon Scieszka. It is hilarious and you will love the materials we have created for you to accompany that book! We tackle every major area of need for speech and language kids-from pre-K to high school. Come and check it out!

Here is the frenzy map. Click on the image below and it will take you to a Google Doc which you can download. All of the images on the map are clickable. Simply click on one and you will be taken to that SLPs Facebook page.

Look for the SLP Frenzy Tab-pictured here. If you click on the tab I have pictured below, you will be taken to my Facebook page to begin the frenzy.

Have fun grabbing all of the wonderful items!

On a sad note, Facebook has changed the rules of the game--again. To those of you who are familiar with the SLP Frenzies--where you "like" a page and then gain access to a fabulous freebie--they are soon to be a thing of the past. Facebook has disallowed any promotion which requires a user to "like" a page. It is too bad. It was a great way to spread free materials. You can bet that if the powers-that-be change their minds about the use of Facebook for frenzies, we will be back with more!

Kindly leave us some feedback on our Facebook pages....we put a LOT of time into these items and would appreciate it. Go and visit our TpT stores! Click on the flower below to go to my store!!

You can bet that if the powers-that-be change their minds about the use of Facebook for frenzies, we will be back with more!  :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Speech Therapy Gems!

Hello Everyone!

Most of us have either started back to school, or will be going back tomorrow. My year began a few weeks ago. It seems like the summer gets shorter and shorter every year!

To help you get your year off to a great start, 10 SLPs have coordinated efforts to put together some GREAT FREEBIES for you!

Go to my TpT (TeachersPayTeachers) store by clicking on the image below. The link will take you directly to the item in my store that contains the links to a total of TEN FREE items!

In addition to all of the FREEBIES, you will find links to each seller's favorite product. Here is mine. Remember, you have to go to the link given with the above image to get ALL 10 of the freebies!

Finally, each seller's best selling item is also listed. Here is my all-time best-seller! Clicking on the image below will take you directly to my best-seller -- my book companion for Corduroy.

We hope all of you enjoy the FREEBIES and that these items help you get the school year off to a good start. Please take a look at the "favorite" items shown. Those are designed to make your job easier and more efficient!

Happy Back-to-School and have  a great year!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

TpT Shining Stars Linky Party!

I'm delighted to be linking up with SLPRunner for her very first time hosting a linky party! What is this all about? Well, TeacherspayTeachers is throwing a BIG sale for ONE day----Wednesday, August 20th! Most sellers will have their stores on sale AND you can get another 10% off using a special code. Several of us are contributing ideas to help you choose what to buy.

You have just a few days to fill your shopping cart and I have some suggestions for you. Those of you who have purchased from me know that my products are designed to be other words...the products I create are designed for you to use with mixed groups--both language and articulation. With that in mind, here are a few favorites from my store that I think will help you address multiple goals, all while having fun!

First, is my Roll-A-Bingo series...and here is the R version! My students LOVE this activity and you can get a TON of productions while playing it. As mentioned above, the really cool aspect to this activity, is that you can have kids working on different sounds/goals, yet doing the same activity at the same time! Go check it out! Many buyers are purchasing the whole series!!!

Secondly, I have a new series of products that can be made into magnets and used with metal lids for an engaging game. These are very easy to make and I include complete, detailed instructions with photos. There is one set for holidays featuring 13 different templates. I have another set just for articulation with a focus on R, S, L, blends and multi-syllabic words. Here is the holiday set:

Book companions are one of my specialties and here is the very first book companion I made: Sheep in a Jeep! I created this to use with a young student who had Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). He needed a LOT of practice with bilabials, so this was a GREAT book to use! I wrote IEP goals to coordinate with each activity and linked all of those with the CCSS. This will save you a LOT of time! 

Now, I would like to recommend a couple of products made by other sellers.

1. Making Sense of Idioms, by Carissa Ten Hoeve of Home Sweet Speech Room. The idioms she includes in this packet are, for the most part, commonly used. There are several activities that encourage both comprehension and correct use of each idiom (both verbal and written). 

2. Common Core Daily Language Workout series by Jennifer Shamburger of Speech Universe. This is a great series...there are specific activities provided all linked to the CCSS. This can be used for pre-/port-test data as well as for instruction. It is excellent!  

Wishing you a wonderful school year!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's in Your Cart? Linky Party!

Words that give me mixed feelings: Back To School!

Summer is coming to an end and it is time to get ready for the beginning of a new school year. While I'll miss sleeping in, I'm also excited to see my colleagues and, of course, the kids!

To help you get ready for the new year, I've linked up with Jenna over at Speech Room News with purchase recommendations! Click below to head over to her blog for more great ideas!

Remember, the big TeachersPayTeachers sale is August 4-5!!

Here are your must-haves for this year! Shop NOW! Save 28% at my store during the SALE!

Articulation Deep Test - R! 100 Pictures! Most deep tests, have NO pictures....well I've fixed that! We ALL have articulation students working on the R sound. Many of those students are poor readers, yet you need to find out how they are producing the R phoneme in a variety of contexts. Here is the screening tool you need! Tests ALL contexts-including every vowel (word level) using PICTURES! I have also included sentences, two R-loaded paragraphs for reading aloud and a tool to measure production of R in conversational speech. 

There is no other test currently available that will give you THIS comprehensive look at R! 

Click below for a direct link to my store!

I went out on a limb and put together a packet to address the context of a story! Who needs to deal with bullying? EVERYONE! Here is a way to address it during speech and language therapy!

Now, my recommendations for other products: 

1) Articulation Cans, by Putting Words in Your Mouth. These look GREAT! They are: versatile, portable, and can be used to target a variety of goals in a mixed group setting. Yay!

2) Articulation Placemats, by Figuratively Speeching. These meet the same criteria I listed above and have the added benefit of being useful for homework! Yay!

3) Reader's Theater for Articulation, Language, and Fluency, by Speech-Language Pirates. Here is an innovative way to address many goals! This activity is especially good for carryover, addressing a variety of language goals AND fluency!

Now, fill your carts and GET READY to empty them during the Big Sale August 4-5th!