Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thrifty Finds for SLPs!

Today I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News where we are talking about thrifty finds! 

So, what do you do when you have no funding to buy supplies for your speech room? And what if you have 2 or more schools to serve? YIKES! That was and IS my situation. We have not had any funding for materials for so long I can't remember the last time I had a budget!

Well, the solution learn to become a hunter! Where do you hunt? Thrift stores and yard sales are my favorite hunting grounds! I have found MANY great bargains using all of these methods. Here are some examples of things I have found recently:

Books are the MOST important addition to the usual selection of speech room materials and they are EASY to find at thrift stores! I regularly scour the four different thrift stores we have locally. I even hit thrift stores in other towns when I'm traveling! Yes, I'm kind of hooked on thrift stores. Soooo many bargains!

Games are another GREAT find at thrift stores and yard sales! I have so many games from both that I can supply all of my schools easily.

Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles! You can find high quality, inexpensive puzzles both and thrift stores and at yard sales. 

I found the Honey Bee Tree game on Facebook page dedicated to local yard sales. The seller had posted pictures of some of the items for sale. I responded immediately and asked about this game. We agreed on a price and I told her I would be there ASAP. Of course, once I got there, I found a couple more items I couldn't leave without!

The Little Tykes bus cost a little more than I would usually pay, but it has ALL of the little people in it! This treasure was also found on Facebook, similar to the game above. 

Use your local FB pages to locate items, as well as yard sales! Visit your local thrift stores regularly! You, too can supply your speech room with GREAT finds at GREAT prices!

Now, go to Jenna's page and see what other awesome finds our colleagues have to share!

Happy Hunting!

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