Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Here is a quick, easy project you can do to add to your therapy toolbox!  Address articulation, vocabulary, categorization, synonyms and much, much more!

Here is what you need: A color printer, magnetic sheets (see below), metal jar lids and template to print onto the magnetic sheets.  Avery Magnet Sheets!   Another option: Cut magnetic stick-on strips to fit or magnetic stick-on "coins" and attach to the backs laminated circles.

Lids! Here are some lids from Amazon.com. These are affordable--which is great if you serve multiple school sites! Metal Lids!     

The magnetic sheets are very easy to use. It is important, though, to figure out which side of the page your printer prints on. Experiment with a blank piece of paper. My printer requires pages to be loaded face down for printing. The magnetic sheets print on only one side--the other side is magnetic! Now, here is a photo showing the thickness of the magnetic sheets compared to regular paper.

Next, you need to download the FREEBIE template below.

Print out the template onto one of the magnetic sheets. You can use a scrapbook tool to cut out the magnets as shown below. You will need to trim the edges of the magnetic paper so it will fit into the cutter.  

You can also use scissors to cut out the magnets.

Put the magnets on the underside of the lid and you are ready to play!

Flip several lids over and have your students guess at what is under them You can also hid things under the lids for the kids to find! They will go wild!!

Check out the other templates I have made! Click below!



Don't forget your freebie!

Have FUN!

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