Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Roll A Bingo....a New Twist on an Old Game!

What? You have groups of students with different goals? In the SAME group? YIKES!

Itinerant SLPs KNOW what this is like! You have numerous artic students on your caseload. You often have no choice other than to group them together. Sometimes, often in my case, students with mixed goals are seen at the same time. It is possible to have 4 different students working on four different sounds! How do you plan a session for that?!

My solution is to come up with activities that are the same, yet feature components that target different speech sounds, so that the whole group can do the same activity, while addressing their individual needs.
Designing materials for mixed groups is probably my forte! Below you will find some examples from my Roll-A-Bingo series. Kids love it!

Print out the appropriate worksheets. I have packets for multiple sounds available—and all feature the sound in all positions of words.

First, you will need dice. If you have two that are different colors and/or sizes that would work very well. I found the set pictured below at Dollar Tree and promptly purchased two sets. They are erasers! If you can’t find something at Dollar Tree, you might check Target or

Decide which die will represent the vertical columns and which will represent the horizontal rows. You can see below that this student chose blue for the rows and red for the columns. Roll both dice. The student placed the red die on the appropriate number along the top row. Then, the same was done with the blue die along the column at the far left. Now, have you student locate that corresponding picture/word. Have the student say the word the same number of times as one of the die OR have the student use the word in a sentence. The student then crosses out the word/picture box that has been used. Now the next student may take a turn with their Roll-A-Bingo sheet. 

Continue play in this manner. To switch the mode of play, you can leave one of the die in place along either the top row or left column and roll only the other die. This is a nice variation on the game.

Here is an example of a student (seen individually) who was very goal oriented and insisted on completing the grid. It took two sessions to finish! Activities that continue from one session to the next are helpful in terms of decreasing the SLPs planning time!

There are four different versions of the Roll-A-Bingo series (at this point). I store each one of them on Google Drive, which is a free “cloud” storage service. Items stored on Drive are accessible at all of my schools, as well as at home. I simply choose the sound and position needed, and print it out. It is quick and EASY! Best of all, of course, is that you can combine students with different goals into one group and ONE activity!

I hope you find these activities as helpful, fun and time-saving as I do!

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  1. Awesome!! Never would have thought of this =/ Thank you!