Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Last Frenzy

Facebook has changed the rules. After November 1st, we can no longer set up frenzies through them, so 22 of us are providing you with The Last Hurrah. This frenzy will be SWEET! You will receive 22 FREEBIES that are all theme-related. If you download every item, you will have a huge packet that coordinates. We have tackled almost every specific area related to our field of speech-language pathology. The frenzy starts TOMORROW at 6:00AM Pacific time and ends Monday at 7:00PM Pacific time.

How does a frenzy work? Well, you can start on ANY of the Facebook pages shown in the map below. Download the map and you will find the all of the pictures are clickable. Click on one-which will take you to that SLP's page. Find the tab that says "SLP Frenzy." Click on the tab. If you already "like" the page, you can download the freebie right away. Otherwise, you will be directed to "like" the page and then you will have access to the freebie.

Here is the map:

We hope you enjoy all of the freebies! Don't forget to leave each of us some feedback--it is MUCH appreciated!

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