Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving FREEBIE !!

Here is a great little FREEBIE to get you through the last week before Thanksgiving! What is the best thing about it? Well, yes, it is FREE! What’s the next best thing about it? It is that it is black-ink ONLY!  That means you can print it out at school. Finally, there is NO PREP needed for this activity other than printing it out. Yay!

The game boards are generic. You can use them with any activity to keep your students interested and motivated.

Included are game markers for you to use--those will require a little prep. Print and cut them out. Use card stock for added durability. You can put a small binder clip at the bottom instead of gluing the ends together. Very QUICK and EASY! Use the markers to get in a little extra practice with pronouns….especially for those that I find to be most often in error: HE and SHE!

What else can you do with this activity? Send it home so they can play at home! Pair it with a practice activity and this will keep them busy while the family prepares for Thanksgiving. Best of all….they can color their very own game board!  Kids LOVE it! Click on the picture below to go grab this FREEBIE!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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