Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mr. Snowman Awesome Artic!

Maybe I should have named this Arctic (not Artic) worksheets!  It is cold and we are expecting snow here in the California foothills!

Yes, winter is upon us as of TODAY!! The New Year is coming and it will be upon us before you know it. If you are a school-based SLP, you are probably on break right now. Who wants to think about prepping for January? Me either! But you need to be ready, right? Here is what I plan to use:

This packet contains a total of 36, all black ink ONLY worksheets. I have the following sounds in the initial and final positions of words: R, S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, K, G, F, T, D, N, P, B, M,. Also: initial blends for R, S, L and final S-blends. 

Your students can say their word and cover each snowball with a cotton ball (more like snowballs, you know?). 

In a pinch? Grab some coins and use those to cover the snowballs!

Here are some glass beads covering the snowballs (the kind you put into the bottom of a vase to hold flowers). I found these at Dollar Tree. 

Of course, bingo chips, paint daubers and crayons are fun to use too! Want to get TWO uses out of one sheet? Use one of the above ideas in therapy and then send the same sheet home for homework! BAM! You have now printed out one sheet that will be used twice!

The BEST thing about this packet is that I have typed in all of the words for you—NO PREP!! Like me, you will use this over and over!!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a wonderful 2016!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Speechie Freebies - Christmas

Have you downloaded my Christmas FREEBIE? It will make your life easier for the next few days. Click on the picture below.

After your students practice each word, they can have fun covering each ornament with bingo chips, coloring them with markers or crayons or even covering each one with a Christmas sticker.

Do you need more sounds? Click the picture below to see the FULL version of this easy, NO PREP packet!

Have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Easy Peasy Christmas Craft

We’re all crazed this time of year and it can be a real challenge to find a fun, easy hands-on activity for children. My criteria for a craft project: 1) Minimal items required. I travel to three schools, so portability is very important. 2) No water involved. I’m located in the “back 40” at one of my sites with no easy access to water.  3) Versatile.  It has to be open-ended so the child can make choices and have a chance to be creative. AND it has to be something that would appeal to many ages.

What to do? Craft stick Christmas trees! Perfect!

You will need: 1) Craft sticks. You can use plain or pre-dyed craft sticks. Head to Wal-Mart. 2) Glue-I like Aileen’s Tacky Glue, but you can use Elmer’s or even glue these ahead of time using a hot glue gun. 3) Decorative items to glue onto the trees. Sequins are a favorite! 4) Ribbon to make a loop at the top. 5) Brown construction paper OR cardboard from a cereal box for the tree trunk.

Begin by gluing together the craft sticks to form a triangle (ooh-there’s a basic concept word to teach, and a R-blend, too--now you see how I operate as a therapist). You will have to adjust the angle of the triangle before the glue sets.

Cut out the loop for the top. Glue the ends together to form a loop and glue it behind the top of the tree.

Have the child cut out a square for the tree trunk. Glue it behind the bottom “rung” of the tree. For young kids, help them find the center (there's another basic concept word!) of the stick. Apply glue. Let these set while choosing the decorations. 

Next, select the decorations. You can use sequins, buttons, foamie shapes, natural items like miniature pine cones, feathers, ribbons, fabric scraps-I could go on and on. Apply glue and place the decorations. You can ask the the child to describe the items, tell you where they are putting the item (more basic concept words-below, above, next to, to the right of, to the left of, etc).

Voila! The beautiful tree is complete!  Wait, I had another brainstorm…this would make a GREAT picture frame. See below. Trim the photo to fit the frame and glue behind the craft sticks. And who is that adorable little one? My oldest at the age of five. I was told more than once he could be a model. Um, NO way….(and sorry for the bragging). He’s now 24 and an electrical engineer. 

A word about integrating your student's goals...I like to allow the kids to make choices about their activities. I then "follow the child's lead" and weave in opportunities to address their individual speech/language goals as described above. You would be amazed at how many opportunities there are to target their goals! What other speech and language goals/objectives can you find that could be targeted with this activity?

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

HO HO HO HOLIDAY Giveaway with the Frenzied SLPs


Today the Frenzied SLPs are featuring a giveaway!

Read through my brief post and comment below to WIN the item described!

It’s a crazy, FRENZIED time of year! It's also a giving and helping time of year. I like to help my church with our annual Angel Tree Project. There are many needy children in every community and the Angel Tree is a way to give a needy child something special for Christmas. An "angel" is made for each needy child in our community. While children are not identified, of course, their wants and needs are written on paper angels which are hung on trees in churches, community centers and some stores in our area. Those who wish to purchase something for a child can use the suggestions (toys, clothing, etc) written on an angel to make a purchase. It is a wonderful way to help a child during the holiday season.

In that same spirit, I have an item to giveaway to a harried and stressed SLP. You need an activity that is QUICK-as in NO PREP and I am here to help you out! My Print ‘n’ Play Christmas is what you need! You can address goals for pronouns, verbs, vocabulary, receptive and expressive language all with this black ink only packet. 

What kinds of activities do you participate in to help your community during this time of year? Comment below for a chance to win my Print 'n' Play Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

What's in Your Cart Linky

Tonight I’m linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her What’s in Your Cart Linky. Jenna hosts this linky party prior to each TpT sale. So that means, yes, you know it, there is a big sale coming! 

Here are some products from my store that will help you as an SLP and produce results in therapy with your students.

First is HOT off the presses TONIGHT…my Artic Pix – R, S and L. I was tired of my articulation card decks, so I made new ones. These are a selection of REAL photos and they POP! No odd word choices or strange vocabulary here. These are all commonly used words and each deck features 24 photos of each phoneme in EACH of the following: initial, medial and final positions of words. That is a total of 72 cards for EACH sound. My kids ASK for these cards! Yours will too!

Next up is a selection from my Cycles packets-Final Consonant Deletion (FCD). This packet is meant for students who omit the final sound in CVC words. I have provided basic instructions, word lists, instructional cards and activities. My students especially love the Do-A-Dot pages. You can send those home for homework—which I believe is an important part of the therapy process.

Last, is a holiday packet-the first I made for my Awesome Articulation Worksheet series-Oh Christmas Tree! This is a NO PREP, print and GO set of worksheets featuring MANY speech sounds-including early developing sounds and blends. Go grab it You won’t be sorry!

Here are my recommendations:

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gobble Up Holiday Goodies!

Hooray--it’s THAT time of year again—holiday time! It can never get here fast enough, yet it is over all too quickly. Do I sound like a kid? Yep. That’s a good thing-IMHO! Today, this "kid" is linking up with the Frenzied SLPs for a linky party to talk about the holidays! 

What do you enjoy most about the holidays? For many, a major part of the celebration involves music. Our interfaith choir begins rehearsing for our Christmas program mid-October. There is nothing that gets me in the mood for the holidays more than singing Christmas music. But wait, this is not your typical set of holiday carols. It is a Cantata! What the heck is a cantata? Straight outta the dictionary: Cantata: a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment, typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra. Yes, that is what we are doing. Can you guess what the narrative is about? Yep--Christ’s birth. Every year our interfaith choir presents a cantata and this year our fabulous director is going to push the envelope a bit by adding several other stand-alone pieces. Our program, which is usually about 45 minutes, will be double that this year. And we are doing four performances around the county. I can’t wait-but will my voice hold out? IDK! In the meantime, today, I arrived at school singing.  There is nothing like music to put you in a good mood! Wait, I was already in a good mood! Do you want to hear a sample? If you want to hear a choral group performing the uplifting "Joy on The Mountain" from this cantata, click the image below--disclaimer: this is NOT the group I'm in-we sing this at a faster pace, but I LOVE this orchestra! 

Speaking of school, working for the school system is fun during the holidays, too—regardless of your background. It’s all about fellowship and thinking of others. If you need materials for the Christmas season, you need to check out the Gifts of Gab catalog put together by The Activity Tailor-Kim Lewis and Speech Room News-Jenna Rayburn. Click the picture below. 

Do you work with middle- and high school students? Here is a Chistmas-themed packet for YOU! Social Scenarios, Christmas Fun Facts, Christmas Idioms, Christmas Sayings, Antonyms, Synonyms-just to name a few! Go and check it out!

Here is a Christmas-themed FREEBIE for you! NO PREP for the FRENZIED SLP! Click the picture below.

Lastly, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Feliz Navidad, God Jul, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or simply Glad Tidings! Remember, it is all about the spirit in which the greeting is given!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Speechie Freebies

Do you need a quick activity for Thanksgiving to use with your students? Thanksgiving Print ‘n’ Play is a NO PREP packet with black-ink only game boards for you and your students. Take a look!

You can pick these up in my store, just click the picture below. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thankful and Grateful Blog Hop

The Frenzied SLPs are taking a break from our regularly scheduled linky party to bring you a scavenger-hunt style blog hop where we will share our thankful and grateful stories while inviting you to participate in our giveaway. Three lucky winners will be chosen to each receive a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card and a $10 Starbucks gift card. We hope everyone will join in the fun!

Here is how you can participate:

1. Read each Thankful and Grateful post from The Frenzied SLPs! 
2. Collect the character at the bottom of each post. Don't forget to write down the characters in order to reveal the secret phrase. 
3. Enter the Rafflecopter at the end of any post by entering the phrase. 
4. Visit The Frenzied SLPs Facebook Page for an extra entry. 
5. Three winners will be chosen after the rafflecopter closes on 11/13/2015.

What are you thankful for? For me, it is the small things. Well, maybe the things I'm thinking of aren't so small after all.  

What comes to mind first? Good health! Don't take it for granted! Maintaining good health takes effort. A lot of effort, but it is worth it. Every time I get on my elliptical trainer, I tell myself I'm fighting Alzheimer's. It's true.

Secondly, I'm thankful and grateful to have wonderful co-workers and students everywhere I go. Having a bad day? While it doesn't happen too often to me, all I need is for a student who needs me to walk in my door and I forget whatever stress is going on. It is hard to be stressed when you are focused on others!! 

Lastly, I'm thankful and grateful for family and friends--and that includes furry friends! It's no secret that caring for and loving a fur baby can lower blood pressure and boost endorphins!  Here is my fur baby.....

Wait...there is one more!  I am VERY THANKFUL FOR rain, Rain, RAIN here in the GoldCountry!!!!! 

Thank you again for you reading my post and participating in our blog hop! Please write down the letter below. I am the ninth letter/blog in the hop. Once you discover the completed phrase, enter the giveaway at the end of this post! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Speechie Freebies

Who doesn’t love Halloween??  I do and I have a treat for you!

NO prep-print and GO! Black ink only!

This product is SO easy to use....choose the worksheet you want for your student(s), print it out and you are ready for a productive session! Designed for use with groups that have different target sounds.

I use them MANY ways. You can have your students say their word or use it in an sentence and color in the pumpkin using a marker or crayon. 

Or use foamies or bingo chips to cover each pumpkin as your student practices. The best thing about this idea is that after therapy, you can send home the worksheet and they can practice and color it at home. Two opportunities to practice while using only one worksheet!

Go HERE to pick up your FREEBIE!

Happy Halloween!