Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Speechie Freebies!

Draw to Learn Idioms

Here is a great little worksheet to help your students learn idioms. Here is what to do: Choose an idiom. Talk about what it appears to sound like--the literal meaning of the words. Have you student draw a picture that depicts the literal meaning of the words in the box on the left. Then talk about what it means in context. Have your student draw the figurative meaning of the phrase in the box on the right. Compare and contrast the two drawings to help improve understanding.

If you like that worksheet, check out my newest product, Animal Idioms, which features this worksheet-with specific details for each idiom in the packet. There are a total of 20 idioms! Your students will be able to improve their figurative language skills through drawing, listening, answering comprehension questions and describing their own experiences using idioms!

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Frenzied SLPs - January 2015 Edition

Hello everyone! If you are an SLP (especially an itinerant, school-based SLP), then you KNOW how it feels to be frenzied! We are here to share ideas to reduce that harried feeling, because we have ALL been there!  What kinds of ideas will be helpful? Well, first you need to keep an OPEN mind, because our suggestions are going to range from professional tips to other topics that touch all of our lives. We all need to manage stress while remaining effective, which is the bottom line here. So, step outside the box and enjoy some tips, some fun, and some creativity that everyone can use.

New Year’s Resolution: SIMPLIFY! Yes, but HOW?

Last year, I wrote a post about going paperless and that is the single most helpful approach to simplification I have used in the past decade. Yes, technology has complicated job-related tasks, but it can also simplify your work, too. SIMPLIFY = reduced stress! Here’s how!

Use: Google Email (Gmail), Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Calendar!

Gmail - No more spam. No more hacked accounts. I finally listened to my kids (engineers) and signed up! It is web-based, so you can get your mail anywhere/everywhere.

Google Drive - Use cloud-storage! This (and Dropbox) are where I keep ALL forms, Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) materials, etc. Need to print something at school? Access it on Drive, open the file and print! If you can access a computer OR phone, you can access all of Google.

Google CalendarBye-bye  paper datebook! Yes, I know many of you love the attractive planners, but I just do not need one more thing to FORGET when I am running from place to place. I’m never going back to a paper book! Google’s calendar is available wherever you go!

Google KeepYay for digital sticky notes! Use for Costco and Trader Joe’s shopping lists, ideas for materials, recipes, therapy ideas or just those random thoughts – it all goes onto Keep!  

Now comes the part where you will need to keep an open mind…

HacksI LOVE HACKS! What is a “hack?” It is a way to use a common item in a completely new, innovative and useful way! C’mon and step outside the box!

Save your manicure! Here is a hack that WORKS! Use a staple remover to open up key rings! I’ve shared this with many friends from the multiple school sites I serve and everyone LOVES it! BTW if you love this kind of thing, google the Crazy Russian Hacker. He has some simply brilliant ideas! You won’t be disappointed!

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Wishing you a Happy 2015!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Coming Soon! The Frenzied SLPs

SLPs - have you seen the Coming Soon posts on FB? The ones for The Frenzied SLPs?

 The Frenzied SLPs

Go ahead and like the page. I'll wait.

I am so honored to work with a group of SLPs dedicated to making your frenzied SLP life easier. Previously, this group was responsible for the FB frenzies. You know, the ones where you liked a FB page and got a freebie?

Times change, and we realized that there is a whole SLP life out there we weren't addressing. After lots of wonderful collaboration, we came up with an idea to make our hectic SLP lives easier for everyone.

Starting Monday, you will get to meet each of The Frenzied SLPs, one day at a time. Plus, each SLP is throwing in a helpful tip to get you going in A New Year!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Board Games Linky

Happy New Year 2015! To celebrate, I’m linking up with Simply Speech to discuss favorite board games.

I LOVE BOARD GAMES! I’m a board game junkie! Naturally, I use them in speech because there are MANY ways to enhance therapy by using them. Of course, a game format can be highly motivating to young students.

Here are three of my favorites!

First up, is Colorama, by Ravensburger. My version is OLD. This game is fantastic because it is appealing to young children and includes manipulatives.  Two dice, one multi-color and one multi-shape are included. The player rolls both dice which indicate what shape to find on the board. When I use this game, the student must tell me the shape and color before looking for it on the board. It is GREAT for basic concepts as well as confrontational naming. I have not seen a better format for practicing these concepts anywhere!

Next is the popular Pop-Up Pirate. One obvious way to use this game is to have the student complete a task card before awarding him/her with a sword to push into the barrel. The round ends when a sword triggers the spring loaded pirate, which then flies out of the barrel. Catch: you never know which sword will activate the spring mechanism. Such fun!

Last, but certainly not least, is my long-time favorite Mystery Garden, by Ravensburger. Notice a trend? I LOVE Ravensburger games. I will share my personal fave at the end of this post.

Mystery Garden is FABULOUS for working on reasoning skills as well as using is/are can/do/does question formations. It is basically a 20-questions type of game where one must use deductive reasoning to identify an item on the board. One person draws a card depicting one item on the board. The other players must ask questions that can ONLY be answered “yes” or “no.” The object of the game is to figure out the item in a limited number of questions. That number can be adjusted according to the skill level of the players.

So finally, here is a bonus recommendation. Some older students also like this game, but it is more challenging for most students. I have a fourth grader who LOVES it and will do numerous repetitions of his R words/phrases/sentences to play this.  Without further ado, I present The Amazing Labyrinth by, you guessed it, Ravenburger! This game is a moving maze and you must use visual problem-solving skills to play it effectively. I absolutely LOVE this game! And yes, there are plenty of opportunities to practice articulation and sentence formulation skills as play proceeds.

One of my colleagues once said, “If I’m not having fun, they (the students) aren’t having fun either.” So, I say have some FUN in speech which is really WORK….in disguise!