Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Frenzied SLPs - January 2015 Edition

Hello everyone! If you are an SLP (especially an itinerant, school-based SLP), then you KNOW how it feels to be frenzied! We are here to share ideas to reduce that harried feeling, because we have ALL been there!  What kinds of ideas will be helpful? Well, first you need to keep an OPEN mind, because our suggestions are going to range from professional tips to other topics that touch all of our lives. We all need to manage stress while remaining effective, which is the bottom line here. So, step outside the box and enjoy some tips, some fun, and some creativity that everyone can use.

New Year’s Resolution: SIMPLIFY! Yes, but HOW?

Last year, I wrote a post about going paperless and that is the single most helpful approach to simplification I have used in the past decade. Yes, technology has complicated job-related tasks, but it can also simplify your work, too. SIMPLIFY = reduced stress! Here’s how!

Use: Google Email (Gmail), Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Calendar!

Gmail - No more spam. No more hacked accounts. I finally listened to my kids (engineers) and signed up! It is web-based, so you can get your mail anywhere/everywhere.

Google Drive - Use cloud-storage! This (and Dropbox) are where I keep ALL forms, Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) materials, etc. Need to print something at school? Access it on Drive, open the file and print! If you can access a computer OR phone, you can access all of Google.

Google CalendarBye-bye  paper datebook! Yes, I know many of you love the attractive planners, but I just do not need one more thing to FORGET when I am running from place to place. I’m never going back to a paper book! Google’s calendar is available wherever you go!

Google KeepYay for digital sticky notes! Use for Costco and Trader Joe’s shopping lists, ideas for materials, recipes, therapy ideas or just those random thoughts – it all goes onto Keep!  

Now comes the part where you will need to keep an open mind…

HacksI LOVE HACKS! What is a “hack?” It is a way to use a common item in a completely new, innovative and useful way! C’mon and step outside the box!

Save your manicure! Here is a hack that WORKS! Use a staple remover to open up key rings! I’ve shared this with many friends from the multiple school sites I serve and everyone LOVES it! BTW if you love this kind of thing, google the Crazy Russian Hacker. He has some simply brilliant ideas! You won’t be disappointed!

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Wishing you a Happy 2015!



  1. Love the "hack", wish I would have known that one and appreciate the tips. Yes, going digital makes sense. Let's get rid of all that paper!! Have a happy New Year! Manda

  2. Great post! I love Google and the creative life hack! Thanks

  3. Such a cute post, AND I am loving the blog design!

    Karen (The Pedi Speechie)

  4. I love google drive for storing docs and PDF files. Can you explain what Google Keep is please?

    1. Of course! It is essentially,digital sticky notes - like having post it notes yyou can save online all in one place. I absolutely LOVE it! Here is a site where you can view a slide show about it: http://tinyurl.com/pmn23gv :)

  5. Love the "hack" idea! It would be a great way to get the dogs' new tags on, too!

  6. Indeed Mary! It sure would work for that!!

  7. What a great idea-I hate trying to open those key rings!