Friday, February 27, 2015

S'Peachy Feedback Linky!

Today I am linking up with Nicole over at Allison’s Speech Peeps for her S’Peachy Feedback party. Feedback is VERY important to those of us who design materials for you. Did you know it is important for you as a buyer, too? You can earn TpT credits by leaving feedback. Those credits count toward your purchases on TpT.
I have been reading through all of the recent feedback I’ve received. One particular buyer left some GREAT feedback about my Eat Your Words – Draw to Learn Idioms product.  
I designed this product to fit the needs of one of a new student. His goal required that he learn to distinguish between the literal and the figurative meanings of idioms. Students have a LOT of difficulty with this task – until you ask them to DRAW the meanings!

Alaina - please email me at with your choice of an item from my store (excluding bundles). 

Want a sneak peek of what is next in the series? Here is the cover page! It will be available soon.

Keep the feedback coming! We read it! We love it!

Monday, February 23, 2015

What's in Your Cart?

What’s in Your Cart Linky Party February 2015

Today I’m linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for  her What’s in Your Cart linky. What’s this all about? Well, there is a SALE coming up very soon on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers). We thought we would help you fill up your cart with some awesome choices. So, read below for my recommendations and remember this is a GREAT time to buy for springtime!

Here is what I recommend from my store:

1.  Cycles packets: FCD, Cluster Reduction-/s/, Syllables, Fronting and Backing. Materials based on Dr. Barbara Hodson’s methods (reference p. 89 in Targeting Intelligible Speech). My Cycles packets have been life-savers! Everything you need is here-instructions and all printable materials. Most are black-ink only for NO PREP. Data sheets included. Go HERE for the link to ALL of my Cycles packets.

2.   Hopper Hunts for Spring book companion. This is by the author of “Rainbow Fish,” so you know the illustrations are marvelous. I created this packet to target many receptive and expressive language skills including: sequencing, vocabulary (basic words and a focus on hibernating animals), synonyms, antonyms, irregular past tense verbs, wh-question (BOTH comprehension and formulation), present and past progressive (is/are/was/were), regular past tense verbs and spring-related idioms. This packet will last you a WEEK! Go and grab it HERE.

3.  Mystery Pictures for Speech and Language – Spring. I know you have seen mystery pictures used for math by general education teachers. Well, I decided it was a good idea to adapt this task for SLPs! I’ve put in ALL the sounds for your elementary caseload AND it is black ink only!! Oh yes and I have included ideas to incorporate MATH skills-yes you heard me! You can do it! Get it HERE

4.  Following Complex Directions – Spring 500. This contains 500, yes 500 complex directions for upper elementary, middle and high school students. You can show the stimuli on your screen and have the directions printed out ahead of time (black ink only). Go HERE to grab it!

1. Click, Clack, Moo and & Giggle, Giggle, Quack Bundle of Companions, by Speech to the Core: These two books are MUST-HAVES for SLPs serving an elementary caseload. The books are great for increasing phonological awareness and other literacy concepts. Lindsey has created companions for BOTH books that cover MANY language targets as well as articulation goals. Read my full review here on my blog. Go HERE to put this in your cart!

2. Write & Say the Room, by All Y’All Need: The “write the room” concept is popular among general ed teachers. Laura has adapted this concept so we can “play” too. She has several versions-this one focuses on community helpers. Go HERE to grab this goodie!

3. Spring Print and Go Language Pack, by Speech Made Simple. I previewed this packet and it is fabulous. When she Brittany says No Prep-she means it! Everything is in black ink only, which I love. You will get  many pages of activities that cover both receptive and expressive language. Some are interactive. The graphics and font are appealing. Go and grab this one HERE.

4. Interactive Articulation Books: Bundle, by Speech Universe. This one looks great and includes many of the “usual” target sounds. This bundle is a VALUE as priced normally, which means it is a bargain during the SALE! Get it HERE.

5. You-Can Social Skills, by The Pedi Speechie. I previewed this wonderful packet. It targets the most important social skills with an engaging theme. And it is NO PREP with all black ink!  Go HERE to put it in your cart NOW! 

Whew! Have FUN shopping and making your therapy sessions more fun and effective!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Speechie Freebies - St. Patrick's Day

Speechie Freebies – St. Patrick's Day

One of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a little freebie for you to help get you in the mood. It is very easy to prep and use.  Print out the two pages, glue to file folder and laminate. 

The only other items you need are checker pieces. Play checkers using the “usual” rules – except the student must say both words that coordinate with his/her square. The words can be repeated “X” number of times or used in a phrase, a sentence, etc. The file is HERE in  my TpT store.

Erin go Bragh

Monday, February 2, 2015

Frenzied SLPs - February edition

Calling all Frenzied SLPs! 

What do you do for lunch?  Leftovers? Cafeteria (ew)? Go out (um, NOT)? Microwave?!! Or is your response more like...lunch....what's THAT? 

Here are some ideas for quick #slpeats:

1) Try some Trader Joe’s brown rice. It’s already cooked and frozen. Just zap and eat!  Here is what I do to it: put about 1/2 a bag in a microwaveable bowl, add some frozen edamame (soy beans) and sprinkle walnuts on top. Add a little butter and a little salt. Quick, yummy and nutritious.

2) From Costco: Quinoa and Kale with seasonings.  This is a meal in a bag – actually ½ bag is quite enough. Put ½ the bag in a microwaveable bowl. Heat and eat! 

3) Now I bring you two new obsessions. The first is NOT low calorie, but used in moderation it won't destroy your diet. I bring you Prego’s Savory Bacon Alfredo Sauce! Boil your favorite pasta (I prefer whole wheat). Add the sauce. It is delicious! You can take the leftovers (if there are any) and re-heat for lunch.

4) Now, you will either love this or hate it! Seaweed salad—those of you who have had it before KNOW what I’m talking about! Where to buy: Costco! One of these lasts me about 2 weeks. Talk about healthy and low-calorie! 

BTW-these ideas work well for dinner, too!

A Day in the Life of.....a very busy SLP!

Warning: This is going to sound crazy!

My day starts before 5:00AM. I am up and on the computer, checking social media, working on a TpT project &/or emailing teachers/school staff. Yep, I am one of THOSE …. a morning person. Don’t worry, there is a downside….and it happens around 9:00PM, sometimes earlier. Before that, my day is a string of stops.

1st stop: The gym at about 6:20 AM. 20 minutes of laps in the pool. I feel like I have accomplished something by just getting there, getting IN and swimming for 20 minutes! I do this twice a week and work out at home another 2 days.

2nd stop: Amador High School. I’m lucky that I am able to work at 2 of the schools my kids attended-both graduated from Amador High. My high school students are GREAT and we have a supportive staff. 

3rd  stop: Home for a very quick lunch and perhaps 2 minutes of playtime with the dog. I live right in between my two elementary schools and being able to go home for lunch is wonderful. It was a sanity saver a few years ago when I had a HUGE caseload and a lot of other stress going on!

4th stop: Pine Grove School…home of the Bears! This school really feels like home. This was my sons’ elementary school. Many of their teachers are still there. I’ve been involved at Pine Grove School in one capacity or another since 1996--as a mom, volunteer, as the SLP, parent/teacher group, etc.

5th stop: Dad's house. At age 85, sometimes, he needs help with household tasks. Today, I’m picking up his laundry which I will do and return in a few days. We visit for a little while before I’m off to my next stop...unless he needs something at the store first.

6th stop: Sutter Amador Hospital. I’ve worked at the local hospital for 18 years! I love the medical part of our profession and have worked part-time as a medical SLP my entire career (almost 31 years). Today I have 2 inpatients and one is NPO (can't have anything mouth). I triage them. The NPO patient is seen first. Occasionally, there is an outpatient who needs an MBSS (modified barium swallow study), which happens 3-4 times a month. Like Pine Grove School, the hospital also feels like home. 

7th and LAST stop for today: HOME! Time to walk the dog, get on the computer-more IEP paperwork, emails, social media, work on TpT products(s). My husband arrives home around the same time. He runs a consulting engineering firm (and our sons are engineers, too!). The downside of being an early bird? I just can't stay awake past 9:30PM! 

This schedule is doable mostly because my kids are grown. Those of you with young ones won’t believe the time (and energy) you have once they have left home and you are no longer running them around to all of their activities, school(s) or helping them with homework, etc.!

Gotta run!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

For the Love of Speech Blog Hop

For the Love of Speech!

How long have you been loving speech or should I say, speech-language pathology? For me, it has been a love affair lasting nearly 31 years! Wait, I need to count ALL of my years in college, too, because that is when it all started, so 38 years!!

So, let’s celebrate our love for this profession….with a FREEBIE! Click the icon below to go and grab your freebie! It is a sample of a larger product-my Awesome Articulation Worksheets for Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy your freebie and click below to continue to the next stop in the hop!