Monday, February 2, 2015

Frenzied SLPs - February edition

Calling all Frenzied SLPs! 

What do you do for lunch?  Leftovers? Cafeteria (ew)? Go out (um, NOT)? Microwave?!! Or is your response more like...lunch....what's THAT? 

Here are some ideas for quick #slpeats:

1) Try some Trader Joe’s brown rice. It’s already cooked and frozen. Just zap and eat!  Here is what I do to it: put about 1/2 a bag in a microwaveable bowl, add some frozen edamame (soy beans) and sprinkle walnuts on top. Add a little butter and a little salt. Quick, yummy and nutritious.

2) From Costco: Quinoa and Kale with seasonings.  This is a meal in a bag – actually ½ bag is quite enough. Put ½ the bag in a microwaveable bowl. Heat and eat! 

3) Now I bring you two new obsessions. The first is NOT low calorie, but used in moderation it won't destroy your diet. I bring you Prego’s Savory Bacon Alfredo Sauce! Boil your favorite pasta (I prefer whole wheat). Add the sauce. It is delicious! You can take the leftovers (if there are any) and re-heat for lunch.

4) Now, you will either love this or hate it! Seaweed salad—those of you who have had it before KNOW what I’m talking about! Where to buy: Costco! One of these lasts me about 2 weeks. Talk about healthy and low-calorie! 

BTW-these ideas work well for dinner, too!

1 comment:

  1. I usually either take leftovers or just take a sandwich. I've started using the Pepperidge Farm Thin bread...just enough bread to make it feel like a sandwich without extra carbs!
    I'm not so sure about the "seaweed salad". Interesting... :)