Thursday, April 30, 2015

SLP Trading Post

Are you tired of your "usual" activities for articulation and language therapy? Kim, the Activity Tailor has something new and fun for your students.  Her newest product, Pathways for Articulation and Language,  is versatile, quick to prep and can be used in a group of students with mixed goals. In my opinion, those are the main criteria for a great product!

My students not only enjoyed this game, but there were MANY opportunities to practice their speech sounds and language skills. The basic idea of the game is to start on one side of the square and move to the opposite side across pictures or words to make a "path" to the other side. Along the way, articulation and language skills are targeted in a way that is fun and engaging.

Included in the articulation section of this packet are all of the most commonly targeted speech sounds: Initial and final TH, SH, CH, L, K, multiple boards for initial and final S and initial R. Additionally, there are boards for many post-vocalic R phonemes - medial/final EAR, medial/final AIR, medial/final OR, medial/final AR and medial/final ER. Look at the photo below. Do you see my student's great idea? Use an ABAB pattern while creating a path! I had more than one student come up with this idea independently. 

Want to get a lot of productions from your student? Use dice with these boards. They choose a picture and then roll the dice (or one die), which will determine the number of repetitions to be said. Tomorrow, we will be using the final S board and my student will be creating sentences to earn his bingo chip.

Boards for categories, antonyms and synonyms are also included. My student enjoyed making paths across one of the categories boards. We had enough time to complete three paths. In addition to naming the group/category of the pictured item, I also had her name two other items that go in the same category. There was a lot of excellent practice in a short period of time. 

Brainstorm! One more variation that occurred to me very early this morning: Ask your student to choose the starting square and then YOU choose the ending square. I would choose an ending square that creates something other than a straight (and longer!) path across the board. And, yes, this means there will be more opportunities to practice! 

Pathways for Articulation and Language is an excellent, versatile product that you can use for articulation and language students on your caseload. It's a lot of therapy materials for a great price! 

Kim will be reviewing my product, Cycles for FCD (Final Consonant Deletion), so hop on over to her blog, at Activity Tailor, to read her review. 

Want to win a copy of one of these great products? Well, you might be in luck. Kim and I are hosting a "Happy Hour," giveaway event this Friday, May 1st. To win your own copy of Cycles for FCD or Pathways for Articulation and Language and kick off the weekend with a very happy Happy Hour, leave a comment below letting us know where you like to hike. Name your favorite trail or location! I’ll choose the winners at random. You have until 5pm (PT) on Friday, May 1, 2015 to enter by commenting below!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CFY 911

Experienced clinicians all remember the CFY –  Clinical Fellowship Year. I was lucky enough to split my year between a public school and a skilled nursing facility. This gave me a great start as both a medical and an educational SLP. Fast forward 31 years and I am still practicing in both areas!

One of the best ways an experienced clinician can give back to the profession is to help students and new clinicians who are just beginning their career. Supervisors are busy people--especially at this time of year in the schools! They may not always be available when you need help. I have been asked on several occasions for assistance in this type of situation. So, I thought it might be a good idea to offer online “office hours.” Here is how it will work:

Office hours: Sunday and Thursday evenings I will be available online to answer your questions from 5:00PM to 7:00PM (Pacific Standard Time). I may add more days/times depending on the need and my availability.

Messaging: You can use the messaging system on Facebook. Go to my GoldCountrySLP page by clicking on the graphic below. Look for the “messages” button. Click on that and then you will be able to type me a message. I will answer you as quickly as I can. There may be slight delays, depending upon how many people are asking questions.

Offline times: You can send me a message ANY time, just remember I may not get back to you as quickly, if it is not during the posted office hours. 

Style: To me the main goal of supervision is to be a support person offering both instruction and feedback in a positive way. 

Caveat: Please keep in mind that the intent is not to replace direct supervision; rather to supplement it with another source for help in situations when you have an urgent question and your supervisor is not available.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Speechie FREEBIES!

It's time for Speechie Freebies!

Earth Day is almost here! Are you looking for activities for your students? I have a great FREEBIE for your students who need to work on following complex directions. You can either print out the visual stimuli OR you can view them on your tablet or PC (and SAVE PAPER!). 

There are 16 complex directions in four categories: temporal, directional, conditional and multiple modifiers. Of course, you can always make up more directions for the stimuli included!

Click on the picture below!

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Fib - Revealed!

The time has come to fess up and tell the truth! I’m not a good liar, so maybe you have already figured it out. Here are my facts and the fib revealed!

A. I’m the daughter of a history/social studies teacher. Every summer we traveled around the U.S. However, we only made it to 41 states by the time I was 17. So this is the FIB!

B. A boyfriend, his brother and I decided to take a short cut while hiking with a group. When we did not end up where we thought we would, we began to follow a creek descending in elevation. It was NOT a good idea. Our hike included a lot of “bouldering” or climbing over HUGE boulders. Nightfall arrived and found us on the shore of a lake. Something scary sounding growled in the middle of the night as we huddled on a rock outcropping. The next morning, we flagged down a boater who ferried us to the other side. Next thing I knew, we were whisked into a California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter. My friends were concerned about who would pay the bill. I was too exhausted to care. And no, we did not have to pay anything-which is a good thing since I had nothing to pay with!

C. For two summers, I worked at Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch, a “dude” ranch near my hometown in Plumas County, California. Cary Grant was part-owner. We knew he was coming for a particular week and brought his wife Barbara and his daughter Jennifer. He was VERY nice and I found him to be quite soft-spoken. I made “points” with him one day, when he asked me to find him a radio so he could listen to the Dodgers game. I also remember when his daughter tried chewing tobacco. She ran and hid in my office hoping to escape discovery. Such memories!

We hope you had fun! 

Now who WON? Go to Speech2U to find out!