Saturday, May 16, 2015

Homework Hotline

Here it is....the HELP you need if you are putting together packets for summer homework! Do you have parents requesting summer work for their children? Requests are already rolling in and we have 2 weeks to go here in my district! So, I'm already planning those homework packets. What a challenge!  My caseload includes PreK to 12th grade - every conceivable speech-language disorder! What to do? 

There is so much to choose from on TpT, so I've asked my TpT seller friends for help. Here are my requirements as an SLP for inclusion in my summer packets: Materials must be black-ink only, cover as many targets as possible (both language and articulation) and be affordable!

Here are products from my store that I am sending home with my kiddos. 

1) Mystery Pictures! This product addresses articulation AND language skills. Oh wait, you can even do some math-based activities with them!  What? SLPs doing math? Parents will appreciate the variety of tasks that can be done with these. Black-ink only!

2) Oceans of Words Awesome Articulation Worksheets. ALL the major speech sounds included. 20 words per page. I have done ALL the work for you! Now your student can work on their artic over the summer. Black-ink only.

3) Print 'n' Play for Pronouns. This is a non-themed, black-ink only download with emphasis on he/she/they plus is/are verbing. Activities include cards for matching or Go Fish, Bingo boards and more. Kids can color the activities themselves while they practice. Ideal for sending home as homework!

Look below for other ideas from my SLP seller/blogger friends!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finishing STRONG!!!

“You are like a horse that finally sees the barn….you speed up when the end is in sight!” Someone once told me this near the end of a 20+ mile bike ride. I was so happy to have the END in sight, I started pedaling like crazy.  Anyone else like me?

How many days left in the school year? I think we have 16, but who’s counting! We all know the END of the year is coming. Doing the happy dance? Exhausted? Maybe a little of both. Not sure how you are going to finish assessments, progress notes, etc and, oh yeah, see your caseload, too? This is the end of my 31st year. Every end-of-the-year year seems a little different. How the year ends, depends a LOT on how the year has gone as a whole.  Three categories come to mind:

The Year from You-Know-Where: Huge caseload, an overwhelming number of assessments and meetings, last minute referrals, etc. Code word: SURVIVAL. You will make it—if you take it one day at a time. Remember there are lots of last week activities that happen and you can use that time to finish up anything that does not have an imminent deadline. So, prioritize. If it does not have to be done now, then it can wait. Yes, I know most of us are “type A” personalities-giter done-like NOW, but ask yourself, does it really have to be done right now? Or can it wait?

Not a Bad Year: Yes, you are overworked, even when the year has not been all that bad. Code word: COMPLETION.  You know you will be crazy busy right up to the end, but you also know that you will be able to get everything done. Checklists are helpful. Those of you who follow  me know I use Google calendar. There is a task list you can use that appears each time you open your calendar.  That is where I type in the task and date by which it must be done. You can check off and delete each item as you complete them. Give it a try. It feels really great to check the box and then dump it in the trash can. Therapy for the SLP!

Great Year!: Guess what? This DOES happen. I’ve had a few. Code word: PLANNING. When you have a year that ends well, you might actually have some planning time. What to do with it? Get your data sheets ready for next year. Are you holding onto out-dated IEPs? Shred them. Are you staying in the same school(s) next year? Get some materials printed/copied for Back to School in the fall. You might even have some time for a little housekeeping and we all know a desk (or two or THREE) could use a quick clean-out.

Maybe you feel like you are plodding along right now, but soon you will be galloping out that door on the LAST DAY! We KNOW you can do it!

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Monday, May 11, 2015

S'peechy Feedback

Tonight I’m linking up with Nicole over at Allison’s Speech Peeps for her S’Peechy Feedback party.

Feedback is SO important! Did you know that your words can make a difference to another SLP? Yes, we all know that this is true when we work to help others, but it is also true when you buy and sell on TpT. When I read great feedback, it is VERY motivating! Just like the students we work with, I love hearing the positive reinforcement! Oh and you get TpT credits when you leave feedback!

So, I’m taking the opportunity to reward someone who has left thoughtful feedback after purchasing one of my items. What is good feedback? It shows that the buyer understands the value of the product and how they will use it to help their caseload. It was a difficult choice! The person I chose, a left detailed response about one of my Cycles packets. You may be familiar with these materials. She has been using Dr. Hodson’s approach for a long time and understands the value of having the materials put together in one packet – all ready to be printed using ONLY black ink!

Terri, you nailed it!  Email me with your choice of a FREE product from my store! 

For those of you unfamiliar with Cycles, click on the graphic above and it will take you to my store. You can check out the FREEBIE for Cycles that I made. See what the fuss is all about!

Keep Cycling!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gifts for SLP Grads

Do you know an SLP student who is about to graduate? Need ideas for gifts? Here is a fun linky party that will help you choose a great gift! A big thank you to All Y'all Need for organizing this linky!

You know an SLP can't live without their cell phone! Here is the BEST car-ready phone holder that I have owned (and I have tried SEVERAL). This plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. Yes, I know most of the them do, but the difference here is that it swivels 360 degrees as well as tilts vertically. The holder is STURDY and the giant chip-clip style gripper is probably the BEST feature. A charger is built in as well as USB ports. Who doesn't need this?

Now, I know you want to know about therapy materials. You can't go wrong with these magnetic sets by Smethport. There are several themes and they are portable! Here is one of my favorites.  These are good for ALL receptive and expressive language tasks from vocabulary, following directions and answering wh-questions to labeling, morphology and syntax. These appeal to children as young as three and as old as 10. This is one of my go-to items when the lesson plan need "adjustment." Everyone should have at least one of these great sets!

Now, you know I have some products that I have made that I think would be great gifts, as well. So, here they are!

Here is my Articulation Deep Test for R. Why is it a great gift? ALL SLPs who plan to work with kids will deal with the R sound whether in the school system or private clinic. This tool tests initial R, medial R and post vocalic-R productions AND has picture stimuli. Picture stimuli is something you will NOT find on any other screener for the R sound. 

Here are some examples (above) of some of the contents. The screener tests MANY contexts: single words, sentences, reading aloud (with R-loaded passages) and conversational speech. It is all black-ink only for easy printing.

Additionally, I highly recommend book companions for new SLPs just starting out. Book companions are an excellent way to address a number of speech and language goals with an added emphasis on literacy. My companion for "Sheep in a Jeep" not only offers many targets, I have also cited the CCSS as a way to link speech and language goals to the Common Core. New SLPs will benefit by making this connection early in their careers. 

A basic grammar set is an essential for a new SLP. I have just the packet! My Just Pronouns addresses the most common grammar problem for young children-correct use of he/she/they along with the correct form of "to be."

After you read all of the posts for this link-up, you will have a comprehensive shopping list!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What's in Your Cart?

Today I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her What's in Your Cart linky party. Did you know the TpT (TeachersPayTeachers) big sale is coming up? You can save a LOT by purchasing during the sale when you use the code ThankYou.

Here is what I recommend from my store for summer! I generally look for packets that can be used for summer homework and I have several that are great for that.

Oceans of Words! This is part of my Awesome Articulation Worksheet series. I have done ALL of the work for you! The words are typed onto the pages (inside starfish!) and ready to be sent home for practice. Of course, you can also use them in therapy. The following sounds are targeted: Initial and final S, L, R, TH, SH, CH, J, K, G, F and S, R and L-blends, final S-blends AND: T, D, N, P, B. M. Word lists for every page. There are 20 words on every page. This is an all black-ink download. You can literally print and GO!

Here is a sample page-remember I have put all of the words on the sheets already! You don't have to write them out! I also included word lists that show every word contained in this packet organized by phoneme.

Mystery Pictures for Summer. Are you familiar with my Mystery Pictures series? These are a fun way to work on articulation skills. This is another black-ink only packet. Can you tell I want materials that can be prepared QUICKLY? This packet features 3 different mystery pictures. The student must correctly produce the target word and then he/she can color one square. After 100 correct productions, the picture is done! There are a total of 6,900 words in this packet! And I am the ORIGINAL creator of Mystery Pictures for SLPs--I came up with this concept AND the layout for this product.  Accept no imitations!!!!!

Goin' to the Zoo: Early Language Skills Pack, by Pam Dahm, Small Talk SLP. 

Pam has a wonderful packet here. She has included vocabulary, plurals, possessives, riddles, comprehension questions (2 levels), Cari-Zoo following directions that target inferences and attributes, open-ended Do-a-Dot pages and a very cute game titled Monkey, Monkey Where's the Key? The game targets multiple goals including social language, syntax, possessives, negation and animal names. 

2) Flip Floppin' into Summer Interactive No Print.

Lyndsey makes some amazing products! This one is no-print, interactive and has two versions - one in PowerPoint with sound and one in pdf form. You get both versions with your purchase. Targeted skills include: Rhyming, Syllables, Blending and Segmenting, Yes/No Questions, Categories, and Following Directions. The graphics are very appealing and will entice your students to work while they are having fun. 

Go and have FUN shopping! You are going to score some great materials at fabulous prices!!!