Saturday, May 16, 2015

Homework Hotline

Here it is....the HELP you need if you are putting together packets for summer homework! Do you have parents requesting summer work for their children? Requests are already rolling in and we have 2 weeks to go here in my district! So, I'm already planning those homework packets. What a challenge!  My caseload includes PreK to 12th grade - every conceivable speech-language disorder! What to do? 

There is so much to choose from on TpT, so I've asked my TpT seller friends for help. Here are my requirements as an SLP for inclusion in my summer packets: Materials must be black-ink only, cover as many targets as possible (both language and articulation) and be affordable!

Here are products from my store that I am sending home with my kiddos. 

1) Mystery Pictures! This product addresses articulation AND language skills. Oh wait, you can even do some math-based activities with them!  What? SLPs doing math? Parents will appreciate the variety of tasks that can be done with these. Black-ink only!

2) Oceans of Words Awesome Articulation Worksheets. ALL the major speech sounds included. 20 words per page. I have done ALL the work for you! Now your student can work on their artic over the summer. Black-ink only.

3) Print 'n' Play for Pronouns. This is a non-themed, black-ink only download with emphasis on he/she/they plus is/are verbing. Activities include cards for matching or Go Fish, Bingo boards and more. Kids can color the activities themselves while they practice. Ideal for sending home as homework!

Look below for other ideas from my SLP seller/blogger friends!

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