Monday, May 11, 2015

S'peechy Feedback

Tonight I’m linking up with Nicole over at Allison’s Speech Peeps for her S’Peechy Feedback party.

Feedback is SO important! Did you know that your words can make a difference to another SLP? Yes, we all know that this is true when we work to help others, but it is also true when you buy and sell on TpT. When I read great feedback, it is VERY motivating! Just like the students we work with, I love hearing the positive reinforcement! Oh and you get TpT credits when you leave feedback!

So, I’m taking the opportunity to reward someone who has left thoughtful feedback after purchasing one of my items. What is good feedback? It shows that the buyer understands the value of the product and how they will use it to help their caseload. It was a difficult choice! The person I chose, a left detailed response about one of my Cycles packets. You may be familiar with these materials. She has been using Dr. Hodson’s approach for a long time and understands the value of having the materials put together in one packet – all ready to be printed using ONLY black ink!

Terri, you nailed it!  Email me with your choice of a FREE product from my store! 

For those of you unfamiliar with Cycles, click on the graphic above and it will take you to my store. You can check out the FREEBIE for Cycles that I made. See what the fuss is all about!

Keep Cycling!

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