Sunday, July 12, 2015

Let's Talk Vacation!

Vacation! Tonight I'm linking up with my colleague Kim over at the Activity Tailor for her linky titled, "Let's Talk Vacation!" 

Whether you are having a “staycation,” or taking a short or long trip--all are great ways to unwind. We are saving for a big family trip next summer, so this year we took a short trip to Stinson Beach, which is just north of San Francisco. The “prime directive” was to find a beach house rental that would allow us to bring our beloved dog, Heidi. Turns out that was not too difficult. The house was perfect—just steps from the beach.

Heidi is a total beach girl! She loved romping with all of the other dogs and believe me this beach was dog heaven. Almost all of the other dogs were off-lead (no leash), but Heidi has not had much training without a leash. By the last day, however, we felt brave. We let her go and of course she did not go very far. She would trot or run a few steps ahead of us and then stop to look back, making sure we were still following her. She made a LOT of new friends and her behavior was perfect. Dogs need social training just like people do! 

The second day we were there, my hubby made a discovery (see the third picture above) on the beach. It was a crab that somehow got flipped over onto its back. It was totally helpless. Heidi charged up to it and I yelled (or screamed, more like), afraid that she would be her nose pinched. Well, hubby could not just leave the crab to die. He had to rescue it. He walked all the way out to the water and put the crab safely in. His trusty assistant was a lot of help. 

All to soon, it was time to head home, but not without some great memories. We will definitely go back to Stinson Beach, hopefully soon!

What adventures did you have this summer? 

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  1. Lucky Heidi! Not sure I could trust my terrier off lead! Great to see you again. Wish we'd had more time to visit!