Friday, July 31, 2015

What's in Your Cart?

Today I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News where we are ready to give you suggestions for the upcoming TpT sale. Here are a few items from my store that you can use everyday!

Schoolhouse Talk: I’ve done ALL the work for you!  Really!  Here is a packet that features initial and final sound including: R, S, L, initial blends for R, S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, K, G, F, T, D, N, P, B, M and final S-blends!

Each page features 20 words. Students simply say the word correctly and color in the apple. Alternatively, each apple can be covered with a bingo chip OR the child can use a paint dotter!  It is a FUN way to practice. Ideal for homework OR use in therapy!

Deep Test for R: I made this because I could not find a deep-test screener for R with PICTURE stimuli. This tests /R/ in all positions of words using pictures--100 of them! All post-vocalic forms of /R/ are included, as well as intervocalic /R/. Collect pre- and post-test data. Use for probing periodically during the school year. Use for single words, sentences, reading and conversational speech! 

Cycles packets: Have you checked out my cycles packets? By the time you read this, there will be a fourth packet available in my store. These are EASY prep, with specific, detailed instructions included. Use for young children with poor intelligibility due to phonological error patterns. There are do-a-dot pages, lists of words for auditory bombardment and other activities. These can all be used for homework, as well. The packet above is my best-seller!

Now, here are some suggestions for items I have personally reviewed. They are both terrific! 

BTS Scavenger Hunt: Pam of Small Talk SLP has made a terrific packet that is EASY to prepare and use! She has made boards with many pictures using cute, appealing graphics! Once printed and laminated, the boards can be used over and over again. Tasks include hunting for items in a category and rapid naming of items in common categories. This is something you can use anytime of year!

Harry Potter and the Socerer’s Stone companion packet: Karen-The Pedi Speechie, has made a HUGE (almost 400 pages!) packet to accompany the famous book. There are activities for each and every chapter in the book. Tasks include: vocabulary, antonyms, synonyms, comprehension questions, sentence formulation, sequencing and articulation, just to name a few! This packet is idea for upper elementary/middle school students.

Happy Shopping AND Happy Back-to-School!


  1. oooh, Deep test for /r/. I didn't see this before and I love it.

  2. I love your blog - it's so lovely and well designed! Your resources also look great!

    Teaching Autism

  3. Your cycles packets are just what I need! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Tracy! I can't wait to start using your Deep Test for R!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Tracy! I can't wait to start using your Deep Test for R!