Monday, August 24, 2015

Data Collection-Revisited

Data Collection. It’s NOT my favorite subject, I’ll admit, but it is an important part of the job. As a LONG time SLP, I’ve tried many methods. None is perfect. So what to do? A combination of course! While I have used apps before, including Super Duper’s app, I find myself going back to my favorites: using my Articulation in Conversation template and formula, my Sticky Note Data collection templates and good, old-fashioned lined paper and pencil.

First, let’s discuss my Articulation in Conversation template and formula. We’ll start the discussion with a FREEBIE for you!!

Getting data to monitor and show progress for articulation in conversational speech is very difficult-or it used to be difficult-until I had a major brainstorm. That happens once in a while! All you have to do first is choose the sound --for some strange reason, R comes to mind!! Start a timer and jot down every R word the student says in conversation. Put errors on the right side and those words correctly produced on the left side. Use my formula (shown on the sheet) and voila! You have your percentage. This can be done quickly and easily. The more you use this, the faster you will get!

Next, let’s discuss how to take data for a group. I use my Sticky Note Data Templates. You can copy them onto sticky notes or even use the template on a sheet of paper.  The photo below shows how I use it on a clipboard (you might notice by the way this is oriented that I’m left handed!). 

The template used above came from my Sticky Notes for SLPs packet. Click below to see my packet of Sticky Notes made just for YOU! AND there is a freebie in my store that you can check out, too!!

When all else fails?  Paper and pencil!  I have PLENTY of composition books around. These are recycled from my kids. I STILL have several left! Once those run out, they are cheap to buy at WalMart.

So, that is how I do data collection. BTW, I do NOT save the data sheets forever and ever. Once the data is transferred into a progress note, the data sheets are GONE! Who needs tons of paper to keep track of? Me either!!

I'm looking forward to hearing from my fellow SLP bloggers for their great ideas about data collection!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Schoolhouse Talk FREEBIE!

Here is just the thing you need to jump start your school year!  This is the latest packet in my series "Awesome Articulation Worksheets." You don't have to do any prep!  I have done ALL of the work for you!!!

In the full version, the variety of sounds is HUGE!!!  I've packed basically every sound you will ever need into this packet.  All single consonant sounds are presented in the initial and final positions of words. You can use paint daubers, bingo chips, coins or ANYTHING to cover each word as your student practices. 

Oh and these make GREAT HOMEWORK sheets!!! Just print and GO!!!

Have a wonderful school year!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School!

It’s Back to School Time!

What? You have a new school? New caseload? Or maybe you just want to review all of your students in an organized way. I have just the form for you!

This is my At-A-Glance caseload review form. I make one of these for each of my schools-I have three of them. And I make a separate one for the Pre-K students on my load. Above is a photo of one of the forms partially filled in (using bogus names, of course). 

I've included a couple of blank columns for you to add items that are specific to your situation. 

Hoping this helps get you started on the right foot!

Happy Back-to-School!