Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School!

It’s Back to School Time!

What? You have a new school? New caseload? Or maybe you just want to review all of your students in an organized way. I have just the form for you!

This is my At-A-Glance caseload review form. I make one of these for each of my schools-I have three of them. And I make a separate one for the Pre-K students on my load. Above is a photo of one of the forms partially filled in (using bogus names, of course). 

I've included a couple of blank columns for you to add items that are specific to your situation. 

Hoping this helps get you started on the right foot!

Happy Back-to-School!


  1. Can't do without an at a glance spreadsheet! Excellent tip!

  2. What a terrific spreadsheet. Thank you for sharing and best of luck as you start another school year!

  3. What a great form-thanks for sharing!