Thursday, September 17, 2015

Speechie Freebies!

How do you hold students and families accountable for speech homework? How can you produce a homework sheet that meets a student's individual needs quickly and easily? I got tired of scrambling to find a homework form that met these criteria, so I made my own.  I'm offering this form as part of the Speechie Freebies Collaborator group. You can click on the form below to download it from my TpT store.

This form works very well for a variety of ages, so I decided to share it with you!! Here were my criteria: 1) There needed to be a signature line for parents so I know their eyeballs scanned at least some part of the page; 2) It needed to be open-ended enough that it could be used for articulation students working on single words, phrases or sentences; 3) There needed to be boxes so the student or parent could check off each entry for each of the five days of the week; 4) There needed to be enough room for the student to enter the word/phrase/sentence on each line—so I don’t have to write them in! The last requirement has the added benefit of encouraging the student to be responsible for their work.

One of my fifth graders grinned when I told him I use this with my high school students. That was a big motivator for him!!

Hope this makes your life easier!!

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