Thursday, October 15, 2015

Speechie Freebies

Who doesn’t love Halloween??  I do and I have a treat for you!

NO prep-print and GO! Black ink only!

This product is SO easy to use....choose the worksheet you want for your student(s), print it out and you are ready for a productive session! Designed for use with groups that have different target sounds.

I use them MANY ways. You can have your students say their word or use it in an sentence and color in the pumpkin using a marker or crayon. 

Or use foamies or bingo chips to cover each pumpkin as your student practices. The best thing about this idea is that after therapy, you can send home the worksheet and they can practice and color it at home. Two opportunities to practice while using only one worksheet!

Go HERE to pick up your FREEBIE!

Happy Halloween!