Thursday, December 3, 2015

HO HO HO HOLIDAY Giveaway with the Frenzied SLPs


Today the Frenzied SLPs are featuring a giveaway!

Read through my brief post and comment below to WIN the item described!

It’s a crazy, FRENZIED time of year! It's also a giving and helping time of year. I like to help my church with our annual Angel Tree Project. There are many needy children in every community and the Angel Tree is a way to give a needy child something special for Christmas. An "angel" is made for each needy child in our community. While children are not identified, of course, their wants and needs are written on paper angels which are hung on trees in churches, community centers and some stores in our area. Those who wish to purchase something for a child can use the suggestions (toys, clothing, etc) written on an angel to make a purchase. It is a wonderful way to help a child during the holiday season.

In that same spirit, I have an item to giveaway to a harried and stressed SLP. You need an activity that is QUICK-as in NO PREP and I am here to help you out! My Print ‘n’ Play Christmas is what you need! You can address goals for pronouns, verbs, vocabulary, receptive and expressive language all with this black ink only packet. 

What kinds of activities do you participate in to help your community during this time of year? Comment below for a chance to win my Print 'n' Play Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Perfect activity for my preschoolers!

  2. Secret Santa and Giving Tree for needy children and adults

  3. I love your Angel Tree! Our elementary school participates in an "Adopt a Family" program - very similar idea. On a more personal note, my church has a coat drive every December for a local school where the majority of the children live in poverty...

    1. Sharon-YOU are my winner! Please leave your email address here and I will send you the Christmas Print 'n' Play packet!

  4. We do an Adopt a Family program and canned food drive.

  5. Church star ornament for needy boy/girl and local food drive

  6. We collect toys for the Toys for Tots campaign during the holiday season. We collect toys for local youths who may otherwise not get to receive gifts at Christmastime. We try to beat the number of toys we collect each year!

  7. Holiday parties are so much fun and it is more fun when it is being planned for preschoolers. I did it last year at venues Chicago, almost every kid from the school enjoyed it and I felt really satisfied with that.