Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mr. Snowman Awesome Artic!

Maybe I should have named this Arctic (not Artic) worksheets!  It is cold and we are expecting snow here in the California foothills!

Yes, winter is upon us as of TODAY!! The New Year is coming and it will be upon us before you know it. If you are a school-based SLP, you are probably on break right now. Who wants to think about prepping for January? Me either! But you need to be ready, right? Here is what I plan to use:

This packet contains a total of 36, all black ink ONLY worksheets. I have the following sounds in the initial and final positions of words: R, S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, K, G, F, T, D, N, P, B, M,. Also: initial blends for R, S, L and final S-blends. 

Your students can say their word and cover each snowball with a cotton ball (more like snowballs, you know?). 

In a pinch? Grab some coins and use those to cover the snowballs!

Here are some glass beads covering the snowballs (the kind you put into the bottom of a vase to hold flowers). I found these at Dollar Tree. 

Of course, bingo chips, paint daubers and crayons are fun to use too! Want to get TWO uses out of one sheet? Use one of the above ideas in therapy and then send the same sheet home for homework! BAM! You have now printed out one sheet that will be used twice!

The BEST thing about this packet is that I have typed in all of the words for you—NO PREP!! Like me, you will use this over and over!!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a wonderful 2016!

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