Thursday, January 14, 2016

Speechie Freebies!

Brrr it has been cold here in the Gold Country! We had snow on Christmas Eve and it stayed around for almost two weeks! That is unusual here!  

Thinking about all thing chilly, I have a GREAT freebie for you! It is a page of visuals with coordinating complex directions--temporal, conditional, ordinal and multiple modifiers. Let me tell you, these activities are difficult to find. I know because I used to spend a lot of time looking for materials to fill this need--that was before I learned how to make them myself. Now you get to benefit from my efforts!

Click on the photo below to head to my store and download this fabulous freebie! It will save you time and meet your students/clients need effectively. Oh and you don't have to print out the visuals---just bring that page up on your computer screen. NO PRINT!

Want to more of the same? Click the picture below to see the FULL product!

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