Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Top 6 Home Hacks: A Linky

Hacks! I just LOVE hacks! I'm so glad Annie from Doyle Speech Works started this linky. 

Now I can share some of my ideas....

I don’t know why, but re-purposing something or just finding completely different  way to use something is SO satisfying! It feeds my brain in a way nothing else can. Maybe it taps into creative abilities or my scout mom resourcefulness, but the whole “hack craze” is right up my alley. 

I’m going to share one hack that is not my original idea and five that I will claim as my own because I have not seen them anywhere else.

Want to win over your school secretary? Or maybe you just want to save your fingernails from abuse? Check this out. All you need to open a key ring is…..a staple puller! What???

Insert the teeth of the staple puller into the key ring. Drag it along with the key you wish to remove. 

This separates the key ring and VOILA! I shared this with the secretary at one of my schools - she is forever dealing with keys. She was ECSTATIC! No go make some points with your office staff. BTW-it is also good for switching your pet's tags (new dog license).

Now for my own inventions…..maybe that’s it…I’m a closet inventor?  IDK!

It's a dish rack purchased at the dollar store for, you know, $1!

Here is how one would normally use it. 

But wait, it’s not  just a dish rack….it’s a computer stand! This accomplishes two things: 1) gets the laptop screen closer to eye-level; and 2) acts as a means to keep the computer ventilated and cool. Yes, that is another keyboard you see underneath the dishrack. Fits perfectly.  J

Here is hack for your bathroom. Do you love earrings? Maybe you have quite a few pairs? I make a lot of my own earrings and totally ran out of space. What to do? Head to the dollar store, of course.

It’s a pencil cup. 

Ha, NOT! It’s an earring holder people!  Now I can continue to make earrings - I just have to get some more pencil cups.

Let me tell you, one must always be on the lookout for a potential hack. What does an SLP need everyday? Boxes that can hold CARDS! So, here I present to you….a soapbox that cost .60 cents at CVS.

No, it’s NOT a soap box – it’s a card holder! Oh yeah! Perfect fit. And it’s cheap, so it works for me, a frenzied (and frugal) SLP!  

Magazine holders…..I don’t remember where I bought these. So OLD! But, hey, I can find a way to re-purpose them, since I don’t really read magazines anymore. I needed to organize my HUGE collection of office supplies! These work great on a closet shelf, or shelves, in my case!

Last, but not least….this time I hit up WalMart. It’s a cheap candle holder-about $3. 


Let’s jazz it up with a mini light string and a string of ornaments found at WalMart.

So pretty and adds ambiance to any room.

I have other hacks around my house, and maybe will share those in another post.

Now, what can YOU find to re-purpose around your house or at the dollar store? Once you start thinking in this way, you won’t be able to stop!


  1. Brilliant! I forgot about my earring holder! I bought an adjustable window screen and covered the outside with washi tape. Bingo... earring rack. I also use old magazine holders for my construction paper (organized in ROY G. BIV order). Thanks so much for linking!!!!

  2. That staple remover idea is genius!! I too use those old soap dish containers for cards. I put them in a shoe organizer and hang them on my door! I bought out the stores years ago to color code by sound class! I definitely need that earring organizer!!

  3. I love the soap box idea! I have so many TPT things that obviously don't come with storage which is the biggest drawback. I know what's going on my to-buy list.

  4. OMG!!!! These really are brilliant! I currently have my earrings together in a jewelry box, and if I don't get them out the night before, I have a really hard time figuring out the pairs in the morning!