Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roll-A-Bingo FREEBIE

As part of Speechie Freebies, today I have for you a NO-PREP freebie to help you get through the crazy final weeks of the school year! You will need two dice, bingo chips or paint dotters and this printed freebie. It is black-ink only. You will get dozens of practice opportunities with ONE PAGE!

Click the photo above to go grab this from my TeachersPayTeachers store. 

Happy End of the School Year!

Happy Summer!

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Downhill Slide

Are you feeling it yet? It has a way of sneaking up of you. What am I talking about? The End of the Year! The Frenzied SLPs have some tips to help you stay in control from here until the END.

What can you do to prevent feeling totally overwhelmed? Create a task list! I am all about going paperless, so here are some ways to make a list of tasks ONLINE. 

1) Use Google Calendar: On the side bar (left side) of Google Calendar, you will find a task list. Click on it. A potential task list will pop up on the right side. You can type in whatever your critical "to do" list for the rest of the year. I have a partial list pictured below. You will see that Google provides check boxes. When the task is complete, you check the box and it goes away. I LOVE checking off items as they are completed. Don't you? So satisfying. 

The photo above shows the extreme right side of my Google calendar. You don't want to see the whole thing. Trust me.

2) Use Microsoft Outlook. Many of you know about Outlook's email application. Did you know Outlook has a task list, too? I recently discovered this. Almost like the Holy Grail! In the bottom left corner of Outlook, click on the icon that looks like a clipboard with a red check on it. See below.

Once you click on it, a list will open up. Below is a photo of the left half of my Outlook task screen.  This is what it looks like when you add items to it. And yes, it has a box you can check off once the task is completed. 

Of course, you can always do the same thing with paper, but as an itinerant SLP, I find the online task lists are more effective in helping me keep my sanity. 

A final thought borrowed from a teacher's post: 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TpT Appreciation Sale

Thanks so much to SLP Runner for organizing this linky

Just in case you didn’t know, there is a major SALE tomorrow on TeachersPayTeachers. Code: CELEBRATE The purpose of this linky is to help you make smart choices. I’m sharing two of the items that are in my shopping cart, as well as two products (hot off the presses) that you should purchase from my store.

I literally JUST finished these two products!

First up is the latest addition to my Awesome Articulation Worksheet series. Summer HOMEWORK bundle! There are 2,100 (yes, you read that correctly) words in this packet. 20 words per page. Black-ink ONLY for a quick print and use product! 

Next up in the latest (and probably the last) in my Following Complex Directions series. Yup, you guessed it...Summer-themed! It contains no less than 500 verbal directions divided into the following categories: temporal, conditional, directional, ordinal and multiple modifiers. NOW is the time to snag this product!

Now, what do I have in my cart?

I’m highlighting two products that are IN my cart!

First, is a product from Doyle Speech Works. I love the idea of editable playing cards. The fact that these are meant for middle and high school students vocabulary = SCORE! These are open-ended enough to pair with my students’ vocabulary-straight out of their textbooks (the ONLY way to teach it, IMHO). Go and check it out! 

Next is SLP Runner’s Would you Rather for S and Z articulation. I've found I simply can’t have enough artic activities!  

Hope you fill your cart with lots of goodies!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Top Wish-listed Items!

There is a big, site-wide TpT sale on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is the BEST time to stock up on all of those items in your cart or on your wish-list. To help you with your shopping, Jen over at Teaching the Tongass is sponsoring a linky. Sellers who link up will feature our three most wish-listed products on Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you so much Jen, for creating the link-up. Click on the graphic below to head over to Jen’s blog where you will find all of the participating sellers.

First up is my best-seller, Cycles for Phonology-Final Consonant Deletion. I made this packet while I was working with a little one who needed the cycles approach. I’ve been doing cycles for 32 years! It is an amazing way to treat your students with severely unintelligible speech. I got tired of hunting through several different products to find what I needed for my student, so I put it all together in ONE packet! It is ALL black-ink only, except for one set of cards per process. Are you an itinerant SLP? Store it on your flash drive and print out what you need at school!

Do you use books in your classroom or in your therapy room? One of my specialties is literacy-based book companions. Here is my much wish-listed companion for Corduroy, by Don Freeman. You can find this book in virtually ANY school library. And here is the perfect companion for it. It is packed with activities to improve listening and oral language skills.

 The next most wish-listed item is another of my cycles packets. This packet focuses on cluster-reduction. Many people know that improving production of clusters (S-clusters, in this case) greatly improves overall intelligibility. All of my cycles packets are organized in the same way. Designed just for the busy SLP! You can literally print out a few pages and have a session ready to go in a few minutes.

We hope this helps you make up your shopping list. Oh and the code for the sale is CELEBRATE. Let's do some celebrating!!

Thank you Jen for organizing this linky!