Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Product Review: Playtime for S-Clusters by the Activity Tailor

FUNtastic! That is the “word” that came to mind when I examined this wonderful set of activities from the Activity Tailor.

Are you an opportunistic therapist? What exactly does that mean? This means you help your students by taking advantage of every practice opportunity. Sometimes that takes experience and extra effort. But with this set of ideas and activities, it is much easier. Kim, the Activity Tailor, has a packet that fits this approach perfectly - Playtime for S-Clusters.

Like the title states, this wonderful set of ideas and materials focuses on S-Clusters. I have SO many students who omit the /s/ phoneme resulting in cluster-reduction. During a therapy session, it is very important for them to get in as many repetitions as possible. Kim’s packet makes it easy and FUN. AND it fits in perfectly with the cycles approach!

Here are some brief descriptions of some of the activities from her set.

Score! I have actually searched for this trash can unsuccessfully. It is shaped like a basketball hoop! Every time the child makes a basket, they shout “Score!” Simple, engaging and you will get lots of repetitions. It is indeed, a score.

Scoop Away. All you need is play-doh, a container and a spoon. The child says “Scoop” every time they lift out a ball of play-doh. I might have them practice “spoon,” as well.

For gross motor involvement, she has a game for them to play focusing on the /sk/ cluster. Game cards are included. Gets them up and moving while practicing! Double score!

Spoon drop is easy and fun.  All you need are spoons and a bucket. I remember playing a game like this at birthday parties. Again, simple, fun and effective.

Spider Crawl: Go and buy her packet to find out about this GREAT idea!  All you need are basic materials to make it. I love it and Halloween is coming (hint-hint).

Bee Sting: This activity addresses /st/ clusters. There is a gross and a fine motor version of this game.

Smelly! All you need are scratch and sniff stickers for this quick and easy activity.

Bubble Wrap Smash: Oh, I just LOVE this!  Don’t you love smashing bubble wrap? Therapy for the therapist, oh yes and the kids love it too. Key word: Smash!

There are several activities involving the word “snake.” This is a word even the youngest child knows and therefore, is an excellent target.

Swab Paintings: LOVE this idea! Easy to do, very little clean up and many opportunities for practice.

These are just a few of the therapy activities in this packet. All of them are all excellent and meet my criteria of fun, effective and quick to set up.

Now, I can’t go further without saying that Kim’s packet coordinates PERFECTLY with my Cycles for  S-Cluster Reduction! We both have “Listening Lists” designed for auditory bombardment, which is an important component of the cycles approach. I like that several of her activities incorporate gross motor skills, while mine are more fine-motor oriented.
If you have kids who need to work on S-Clusters, check out both packets!

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