Saturday, November 19, 2016

Articulation in Conversation - UPDATED!

Articulation in Conversation

Calling all SPEECHIE FREEBIES fans! I just updated my Articulation in Conversation forms. The basic procedure is the same, but I changed the fonts to bolder lettering. There are two forms included. 

One is horizontal, which is my favorite because it is easy to use it on a clipboard. Can you tell I’m a lefty? :)

I’ve also made one that is vertically-oriented, which you may prefer.

Why would you use these? Well, I use them all the time to measure articulation proficiency at the conversational level. My method is both QUICK and EASY.  First, print out one of the forms. Choose the sound you need to measure (for some strange reason R comes to mind!). Write every word said correctly on the left hand side of the form. All words incorrectly produced are written on the right hand side of the form. Total up ALL of the words and divide the number of words said correctly by the total number of words. You will get the percentage of words said correctly during that sample. I usually take 3-4 samples and average them together. This is what I report at progress monitoring time. I also use this method to exit students—simply use the data in your exit report.

Click on the photo above to head over to my TpT store and pick up your freebie!

Hope this makes your job easier!


  1. Great idea! I'm a lefty, too, so I appreciate the horizontal option!!!

    1. Thank you Mary! We're in our right minds.... ;)