Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Frenzied SLPs Sharing Kindness

Today I’m so pleased to join the Frenzied SLPs as we present to you our Sharing Kindness freebies.

Kindness. It is a simple concept, but something we often take for granted. Little things like smiling, holding the door open for someone else or just saying “hello,” are easy ways for anyone to share kindness. We do these things every day without thinking about it. For a couple of days last week, I paid attention to what I did that might be described as showing kindness. It was difficult to count each act of kindness (Note: I don't mean this to sound self-serving!). Just the smiling and greeting others counted for over 80%! Besides all the smiling, I supported a teacher at a parent conference because she was worried about how the parents would react. I also tied shoes, turned jacket sleeves right-side out, told my most difficult student I was happy to see him (he's difficult, but I always look forward to seeing him), shared my umbrella with two kids, joked with one of my hospital patients, exchanged greetings with several physicians, and the list goes on and on. Those of us who work in the “helping” professions practice acts of kindness all day long. Setting a good example for students, especially young children, is very important. Defining and labeling these behaviors is the key to teaching children that they are very capable of practicing kindness daily. There are SO many teachable moments throughout the school day. Making a decision to pay attention to those behaviors is a great thing to do. Letting children know when they do something kind is even better!

Click on either of the photos below to grab my FREEBIE and help your students practice kindness!  #kindnessnation

How many ways did you practice kindness today? 

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