Sunday, April 30, 2017

End of the Year Advice

Calling all CFs! For those of you who aren't SLPs, see the bottom of this post for an explanation.*

Are you working in the public school system?

Well, then you already know that the END is coming! You have almost made it but maybe, just maybe you are overwhelmed at the amount of work left to do. 

Here are some tips I am giving my current CF to help her get through the end:

• Cancel sessions NOW to get paperwork ready for May/June IEPs.

• Get ready to write end of the year progress notes NOW.

• Look at your caseload and see if there are any students who can be dismissed. Yes, it is more work to do this now, but you will be helping yourself a lot of time next year by dismissing anyone who is ready NOW.

• Remember state testing is just around the corner for many of your schools. Use that time to catch up!

• Field trips are often scheduled toward the end of the year. Look at the school’s schedule. Are there any field trips coming up? Plan ahead and you will find yourself some spare time here and there to complete assessments and paperwork.

• Class parties happen at this time of year, too. These are opportunities to get other things done. Again, check your school’s schedule so you can plan ahead to use that time effectively!

• Reach out to your clinical supervisor for advice. That is what we are here for!

• You did it! Give yourself a pat on the back! You made it through your first year. It will be much easier next year.

*For those of you outside the  profession of speech-language pathology, a CF is a Clinical Fellow. Our profession requires one year of supervision beyond the Master’s degree (really!). Once completed, the CF is eligible for the Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) issued by  ASHA (the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Tired of all of your speech sound cards? 

Do your students give you that look when you show them some of the cards? 

Here is the solution to that problem!

These photos are carefully chosen for several reasons:

• These are bright, colorful, kid-friendly photos!

• The speech sound contexts are selected with co-articulation in mind. You won’t find T on any of the K cards! Why? Because the error for K is usually T. If you present a word that contains both sounds, such as “cat,” you WILL hear TAT as the response.

• My medial R cards contain ONLY intervocalic R. Why? Because that context elicits the best productions more easily and effectively. The  FREEBIE above features intervocalic R stimuli.

• Coming soon: S-blends—including many FINAL S-blends!

• Bingo boards to coordinate are also in-the-making.

Stay tuned! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easy Links to the CCSS

•  May is coming! And you know what THAT means….a frenzy of IEP meetings, reports, data collection, etc.

•  I don’t know about you, but I need anything and everything that helps me get through this time of year more easily.

•  Here is what I am using when it comes to linking IEP goals to the CCSS:

•   One reviewer said: “I like the clickable links so you can copy and paste directly into documents. This is very well done!”

•  I made this chart because I was tired of flipping through pages in a hard copy. Initially, it was just typed out on one page and then I had a brainstorm!

•  Each of the standards are hyperlinked. Just click the link and VOILA, you are transported to the standard!

•  Go HERE to find the chart.

I hope this saves you TIME!