Saturday, April 29, 2017


Tired of all of your speech sound cards? 

Do your students give you that look when you show them some of the cards? 

Here is the solution to that problem!

These photos are carefully chosen for several reasons:

• These are bright, colorful, kid-friendly photos!

• The speech sound contexts are selected with co-articulation in mind. You won’t find T on any of the K cards! Why? Because the error for K is usually T. If you present a word that contains both sounds, such as “cat,” you WILL hear TAT as the response.

• My medial R cards contain ONLY intervocalic R. Why? Because that context elicits the best productions more easily and effectively. The  FREEBIE above features intervocalic R stimuli.

• Coming soon: S-blends—including many FINAL S-blends!

• Bingo boards to coordinate are also in-the-making.

Stay tuned! 

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