Friday, June 2, 2017

From Trash to Treasure!

Do you work in the schools? Well, school is coming to an end. In fact, today is the last day for me!  Yippee!! Happy dance!!

What makes this last day even better? Arriving to find HUGE piles of books that the school is getting rid of!   FREE for the taking!  Oh yeah! SCORE !

Ya, I know. It's a HOT MESS, but I see a GOLD MINE here!

And here!!

What kinds of books do I look for? Primarily, those that are small in size. As an itinerant SLP, I need books that are portable! The small books below fill the bill!

There were TONS of them! TONS!

Next, I’m interested in themes such as animals, home, school, friends, etc. Speaking of themes, how about books that are great for summer? Here are two that are perfect for this time of year:

What can you do with these? Oh my, you can do a LOT.

Fluency: I use books for fluency students to help establish fluency through reading aloud.

Articulation: You can have articulation students go through the story to find their sounds.

Semantics: How about vocabulary? Yes! Have the student choose a word and tell what they think it means. Then you can reinforce or help them change their concept of the word. Use the text and photos in the book!

Language Formulation (syntax): For expressive language, I use those vocabulary words and ask students to make up a sentence using the word. And you can ask students to describe what they see in the pictures.

Grammar (morphology): Use the photos in the book to address pronouns, verb tenses, etc. 

Literacy (and pre-literacy): Can the young students identify the parts of a book? Maybe they are able to decode. Find out! Use the words in the book to check phoneme blending and segmentation skills. Oh and how about story re-telling? Yes! These books are perfect for working on sequencing and re-tell skills.

Is there a gold mine on your campus? Check around and ask! You never know what treasure there may be just waiting for you to find it!

Happy Summer!